Youth Pioneer Trek – Alta Mesa 2015

Aug 26, 2015 The youth of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints experience some of the hardships their ancestors live through in an event called “

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Unknown Speaker 0:01
My name is Elizabeth Horrocks Jackson and I was part of the Martin handcart company. I have a tale to tell unlike any you have ever heard my story that history.

Unknown Speaker 0:12
We don’t want to hear no more. No, you know, they kick you out of Missouri we’re taking.

Unknown Speaker 0:19
I witnessed many of my dear brothers and sisters beaten, tarred and feathered my heart bruised by the loss of some that were killed because of a belief in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We hoped that the city of Nauvoo would be a place where we could escape this hardship this was not

Unknown Speaker 0:41
they said either drive them out or you exterminate Now what you’re gonna have

Unknown Speaker 0:47
or start with? Fire Fire

Unknown Speaker 1:45
alarm and get packed up down down the road don’t want to hear no more. No you know.

Unknown Speaker 2:59
What they and even I did not know yet was that what occurred and that the coming months of bitter winter would define and purified a faith and the future of this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Unknown Speaker 3:24
right before it started, I was like almost sleep. I had finally gotten perfectly comfortable. Everything was so warm, so perfect. And then all of a sudden I start hearing screaming and begging and I’m like, Oh, someone better be dying, please. No, I don’t want to get up.

Unknown Speaker 3:38
We got woken up. Probably like 11 o’clock. Banging pots, pans gunshots

Unknown Speaker 3:45
it was it was pretty convincing. I still do is fake because we’re on track and stuff but it was it was pretty cool.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
Then we had to trek like a mile to get here in Canada. We did not

Unknown Speaker 6:37
know what difficulties lay ahead. We embarked on a journey of unknown distance across a continent in a harsh and unexplored territory. Believing strongly in our faith, we abandoned our homes and left behind nearly everything we had, knowing that God would lead us to a land of Zion.

Unknown Speaker 7:43
Captain James Allen, I have come along you. Instructed by Colonel SF colonel of US Army, commander of the army in the West to visit the Mormon camps. That’s your accept the service for 12 months or longer man who will be willing to serve their country for that period of time in our present world with Mexico

Unknown Speaker 11:33
liked the angels. That was helpful.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
It was kind of hard just watching the girls struggle, like you could hear him yelling and crying, which was kind of hard to watch. So we just said, and we weren’t allowed to help. Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 11:46
was not fun. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 11:48
have a lot of time here, especially from Scandinavia. So I guess I read a couple of their stories before I started going into check. It was really cool to actually experience it.

Unknown Speaker 12:02
I think this truck experience just helped me to understand better, some of like, in a good way, some of the pain that some of the pioneers went through to help establish the church and how grateful we need to be for what they did establish for us. So you know, we don’t have to suffer we don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of night to a mob.

Unknown Speaker 12:19
Like we think hard things like oh, homework ball wall, but this is like what they went through was hard.

Unknown Speaker 12:26
We were the poorest of the poor, delayed from leading late getting started across the plains. And among us, there were hundreds of children many recalled eating bloody footprints in the snow. And there was not enough to maintain our children chewed on bark, leaves and twigs, and on the tattered leather leftover from the boots of those that had died. Over and starvation we traverse back and forth across the straw our carts across the final crossing of the treacherous weave. It seemed to me that all the warring elements of nature and hell were against us and the spirit of dabei children had no shoes. How can I ask them to do that again? Their little feet were bloody and God and frozen Father in Heaven How can you ask my children to suffer anymore?

Unknown Speaker 13:59
The trek experience is designed to give these kids an idea of what their ancestors And our ancestors really went through.

Unknown Speaker 14:07
I really like how the trek is put together where along the way there’s some unexpected events.

Unknown Speaker 14:28
You have you have. Morning

Unknown Speaker 15:13
There are no words or script that can define the hardships we have endured or the agony we have felt hundreds of my friends in this gospel are at rest my husband and my sweet little child among them they rest freed from this mortal pain in shallow graves in the frozen vast that lay behind us we have suffered much we have been lifted and even carried by God and should we die before our journeys through all as well as well.

Unknown Speaker 18:15
I’m grateful for these for these kids, it’s gonna be it’s going to be wonderful opportunity for them. As they as they push themselves as they know that they can do hard things. They’ll be able to accomplish great things in their lives. And that’s something that that can’t be taught in schools. Sometimes it can’t even be taught at home. We have to come out here in this area and do things like this sort of they know that throughout their life, no matter how hard it gets, they can do it.

Unknown Speaker 18:44
The thing about the track that’s most important is that it’s a very personal thing. Everyone that comes on the track, staff included, feel something, understand something more than they understood before they came

Unknown Speaker 19:04
to the track to change lives, we want them to have experiences of bringing closer to the Savior

Unknown Speaker 19:17
it’s worth it. It’s worth the pain in the tears and the hardships. It lets us really know what our ancestors went through. And it gives us just a minor, A minor taste of what they did.

Unknown Speaker 19:35
I believe they thought of us and thought of those that would come after them. And they were prepared to give up their life is something that we should never, ever forget. This opportunity

Unknown Speaker 20:00
for the youth

Unknown Speaker 20:03
today to remember the love or willingness and the courage to move forward it’s important to stop and to reflect

Unknown Speaker 20:37
go and do. You’ve experienced these things. We are on this planet at this time for a reason. We have to step up we have to do our part just as the pioneers did their part. It’s up to you now. Guys Angel hill

Unknown Speaker 21:49
I really just thought it was AMAZING

Unknown Speaker 22:38
felt like

Unknown Speaker 22:41
I don’t know, I was just like, I don’t know. But it was like I’m my Russians. I don’t know


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