“WY” Am I Here? – To Know Your Heritage

To answer the question “WY are you here”?

In order to know why we are here, we need to know and appreciate where we came from and the rich history and legacies others left for us to discover. To know “WY” we are here, is to know ourselves, and our ancestors. What better way to experience our “WY”, than to visit the many beautiful museums and historical sites in . Among many counties, Carbon County has a large variety of museums all housed within a few miles of each other.

History, legend, and lore can be found in every corner of Carbon County at its delightful community museums scattered throughout the northern plains. Museums include the Carbon County Museum, Wyoming’s Frontier Prison, the Saratoga Museum, Fort Steele, the Grand Encampment Museum, Hanna Basin Museum, the Little Snake River Museum, the Medicine Bow Museum, the Mormon Handcart Historic Site, Parco/Sinclair Museum, the Outlaw Stop and many other sites of historic interest.

To know “WY Am I Here?”, is to know where you came from, and the rich heritage and history left in every part of the Wyoming, and beyond.

Filmmaker Thomas E. Laughlin

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