The Prophet Prophesied

Second Place Winner in the Family Films Category of the 2016 LDS Film Festival. Based on the writings of and narrated by the voice of Edward H. Hale (1883-1964), his grandsons E. Hunter and Richard I. Hale have produced this video illustrating an encounter Ed and his companion had with an elderly blind and limbless man in a remote cabin in Hancock Country, Illinois, the very county that once flourished with Latter-Day Saints and martyred their Prophet and his brother Hyrum some 60 years before.

Edward and his companion Elder Bartlet were the first assigned missionaries to that area since the expulsion of the Mormons. This crippled Old Man had a witness of his own to relate to these missionaries who had borne to him their testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, for he was there when the Prophet Prophesied and was a living witness to its fulfillment. This film is entered into the 2016 LDS Film Festival and has been accepted for competition in the Short Family Films competition.

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