Tribute to the Flag

By Eliza R. Snow

“I love that flag. When in my childish glee—

A prattling girl upon my grandsire’s knee—

I heard him tell strange tales, with valor rife,

How that same flag was bought with blood and life.


“And his tall form seemed taller when he said,

‘Child, for that flag, thy grandsire fought and bled.’

My young heart felt that every scar he wore.

Caused him to prize that banner more and more.


I caught the fire, and as in years I grew,

I loved the flag; I loved my country too.

“There came a time that I remember well—

Beneath the Stars and Stripes we could not dwell!


We had to flee; but in our hasty flight

We grasped the flag with more than mortal might;

“And vowed although our foes should us bereave

Of all things else, the flag we could not leave.


We took the flag; and journeying to the West,

We wore its motto graven on each breast.”

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