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We have the National Center for Utah pioneers. So if you have any questions he’ll be lanced. Let’s put it on the spot as his wife’s name is Kathy. They have four daughters and little grandchildren using a dentist and . And he is going to speak tonight on family and the library of the plant that the sons Utah pioneers and how they can help us with our family history. Shoot us in many ways, this tale of the national chapter boards I’ll turn the time over

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Thank you. I’ve got some slides and you guys may not be able to see it over here. Do you guys want to move over later on? Is that work or whatever? If we move this maybe you can see the screen you’re deciding how should I do this? I I don’t know where to stand. You can sit stay out even better to me this is cool. No, no course that’s really good. I really don’t know where to stand. I’m going to stand. I’m going to stand right here if that thing or reach does that okay

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may not be long enough gotta have guts to try high tech here here we go. Yeah, let’s turn the lights off if we want.

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No, it’s not gonna reach should I say? I guess you guys don’t need to see me you know

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wants to be fun okay. Okay, thank you for having me. Well, I gave this presentation a couple of days ago with the holiday chapter. And it just seemed to work fairly well. I thought, I hope

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it works as well. Here. Again, my name is Tony Tidwell. I just got put in in September, it was the as the new president, we are now going from September to September. I hope he would you make plans this next year to go to the beach, you can’t mess up and volunteer my time we have our big national Acadia National Meeting. And that’s why we transfer the baton. And that’s when I can relax. This next year. It’s my baby and I’m honored to be to be in your and I hope we can help this organization grow. It’s real excitement for making incredible progress. I hope each of you are kind of keeping up with what’s going on in national art. Everyone against the Pioneer magazine. If you haven’t noticed this last couple of years it is just absolutely become one of the most quality magazines in the country. And it’s being recognized as such. And I’m hoping to really make it part of your part of your study every month. This this next one that kind of gets coming out is about the Utah award. And and this one I brought was about the Mormon battalion the one before the one this last month was on the on the downfall of Davis County. I thought it was fantastic the one before that was about the colonies and Mexico. Fantastic and Tommy Boy things and I thought I I thought I knew more about that than I did. So I hope each of you are using this useless This is why stocking stuffer, I don’t know how many kids eat you do that, for 25 bucks, 35 bucks, if you want to make them a standard member, or for 25 bucks, they can get a subscription. This is my stocking stuffer. And I just think it’s one of the best gifts I could give my children is to help them understand their heritage. It opens up conversations for me to talk to talk about our my family’s heritage and where they are involved in this. And that’s what I want to talk about tonight. So hold on to your hats and I want to talk to you about a few things here. I grew up in Tennessee. I grew up in Tennessee, but all my family’s out here. And I had no idea what a rich heritage I came from. I found out by doing the count just a few weeks ago, I realized I have 38 relatives that walked in came out before it before the railroad, I only had one of these people that put the very was not even there. To look at this, this very top row I only have one set that didn’t come before the railroad. And that one came by to state, Hitler from Germany. Still before eight, it’s still in the early 1900s. So I’m very proud of my heritage, and I hope I can get you excited about studying yours. Francis Bacon said that famous families are like potato plants. The best parts are underground. And I agree with that. But I’m still very proud of mine. I got relatives like parley P. Pratt, and some call. There’s Anson call, I was reading the history of ants. And we’ll talk a little about him.

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If you go over here to this

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Taylor side, there’s President John Taylor’s a great grandpa. I mean, it’s a rich heritage. But the ones I’m most proud about are some other ones. So I want to first start talking about and show you one thing. When I was a young boy and my grandmother, my grandpa passed away, and my grandmother came to live in the house next door to us. As soon as I got off my mission, or right before I went off to college, I knew I needed to get as much information from Grandma’s. Grandma was the daughter, granddaughter of John Taylor, and the daughter of John W. Taylor. Let me put pull him up there. There’s John W. Now, John W has got a rich history. But grandma was born down in the colonies down in Mexico, I realized I’m half Mexican, I didn’t realize my grandma grandpa on my mom’s side of the Mexico. And I wanted to get as much information from her as I possibly could. And I spent a whole week just bringing , and she was so excited to share that with her grandson. There’s the end of the week, she called her children and told them what she decided to do. And she skipped her children and gave me all her genealogy for pictures. And she gave me her dad’s briefcase from Mexico. And what a treasured legacy it is to, to be entrusted with the with, with those sacred levels of privilege, remember back then was the foreign computers. And it was the record. It was the it was the record with the photos and things. So I kind of became the repository of both of those sacred records of our family. I spent a summer with my little brother down in Tennessee when I was going through dental school. Yes, we’re good. Thank you. I spent about my wife was in Salt Lake during the summer, my brother and I were working our tails off just trying to make enough money for tuition. And we copy every pedigree chart that my grandma had on both sides. And we came up with 100 pedigree charts. I mean, that’s a lot to type out. And all the history and then computers a few years later, computers came out. And I had to retype every bit of that again into the computer, right? And I had this disk and I took it down to Salt Lake and says here’s my 20 generations, you know, here’s my record, and they said thank you, God. We need you to verify every day with to verification. Thank you goodbye. Just I mean, it was so overwhelming to me what they what they expected. But now, I mean, if any of you had been on the internet lately and gone to Family Search and looked up your genealogy, it is the most marvelous, wonderful, simple way of doing your history. I mean, my dad used to get up every morning and get five minutes tempo ready before he’d get out before you leave his bedroom. And once he did that, he’d go play poker online poker. He never bet a dime that does what he likes to do. You love Tony ology, and I think that’s where I got this love from. Let’s talk about my grandma talked about her dad, and this is John Whitaker, Taylor, does anyone anyone recognize that name? John W. John W. Bush was called to be an apostle. If you go over here to memories, there’s incredible pictures. And here’s here is the 12 apostles. And my dad, my grandpa’s, the second one from on the back with the dark mustache. That’s John W. John W. There’s a lot of interesting stories. One, my grandma was sworn to secrecy to never talk about polygamy. And that’s the only thing she would not talk about. I was naive about all this is anything. And it wasn’t till later that I realized that her brother is Sam Taylor, who was an author, he actually wrote some flubber. You ever heard that? That’s silly, Shawn, that he was very good church historian. And he did talk about genealogy about polygamy. And Grandma called him the black sheep of the family because he broke that taboo.

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But I found out more about grandpa Taylor, John W. First Family war, and there’s church history. And sometimes understanding that sometimes we do that which will allow us to build the kingdom. In 1905, John Taylor with the 12. This is family. This is the family’s story. We’re in the temple. And John Dunn who stood up and said rather, the federal government is confiscating all our property. We are searching for everyone. That’s polygamist. And we have got a manifesto. Now he personally felt that the manifesto was only for America. Does that make sense the government the law of the land, and so he did take some extra wives including my grandma took her my great grandma, as a plural wife after the first manifester married, Rhoda and the Roxy, Roxy Wellings. And they were part of the underground down in Mexico. They couldn’t even use their real name down there, but people knew who they were. And anyway, he had taken up for a while. And so he’s in a tamper with the 12. He says brother and the only way they’re gonna believe us, is if you asked me hate me for polygamy. And then Matthias calmly stood up and said rather than if you excommunicate John W, they may believe us. But if you do, both of us, they have to believe us. And that’s the last time until two years ago that they had to replace three apostles is when John W and Matthias Cowley were removed from the 12 apostles. A pious was disfellowship. And five years later, they had a church court on John W. And actually excommunicated grandpa from the church. immediately, as soon as he was let go from the 12, his business, his friends, everything, and everyone abandoned him. And he lived quite, they had a very, very difficult time. But they knew the challenges that they were going to face, and he was willing to endure. And to his dying day, he always said follow the Prophet. And he raised children, many children that each understand and have not faltered from their faith. You understand what this does to a young boy when he needs to have to a descendant when they read stories like this, you understand that it makes us say, sometimes there’s more to it than that. Sometimes we ask ourselves, you know, could grandpa be wrong? Right? But at the same time, we recognize that there are reasons for doing things and I think it makes a person more understanding on both sides of every issue. And not quick to judge if I can remember that one. that one rule, I think, I think it was worth the research. To, to kind of verify the family part of this and 1965 My uncle went to march the Peterson and said, you know, you know, the promises that were made, it’s time to fulfill them. And in 65, the profit went to the temple, and is that John W. Taylor’s possible, his membership and is across apostleship restored. And so I think that that helps, helps the family feel a little bit better without me. Anyway, but I think it’s a great story. And I love it. That’s John W. Man, just because he was an apostle, they needed an example, Mayor, because he was an apostle, they did not do it to other people, they actually let him go for five years, six years. And then they had the second manifesto, that said, made it very clear that the church as a whole will not practice polygamy, and they needed someone. And that’s how they that’s how the church made it their own homes. Does that make sense? And you can read the records. It’s kind of interesting. I just read the funeral of John W. Taylor’s first time all six of his wives were in the same room together. They’d never met all at the same time. One was Canadian, and lived up in Cardston. To live down to Mexico. A few were up in Bountiful. And anyway, it was kind of interesting, but can you imagine a funeral where the church is there and nothing can be said about him

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being an apostle? All the platitudes are so empty, you know, how do you progress in the life after this or anything like that? Was became such an absurd circus. They said, when the last person said the closing prayer, his dentures were loose, and he was whistling. And finally, one of the uncles just started cracking up in the foot before they died, also to the widows and everyone was just having this they just couldn’t handle the forest was just that. There wasn’t until the youngest wife died a few years later, they were actually able to have a funeral that was was meaningful. And I thought that was interesting. Okay, like, I didn’t even know that line with John W. But it’s a great one. That’s, you know. Here’s why. Jonathan heron, Jonathan Herrmann homes. Jonathan Herrmann was a bodyguard to the Prophet. And he married Elvira Cowley. And then a few months later, the Prophet took was sealed to her as a plural wife a few months after, and it was an interesting, interesting, we don’t understand it. And I don’t pretend to but that’s that’s the record. And he was faithful to the and he was one of the pallbearers with Joseph at his funeral, and then he continued to take out a virus as his as his only wife, afterwards, and his three daughters, all three of his daughters married, Joe welling, and

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see if I can find that picture. And all three of his daughters, Mary Jo dwelling, Joe wheeling, his first wife, friend, Francis, passed away soon after coming to the valley. And they actually lost one child in in the process of coming across. And then he settled in Lehigh and took the other took my grandma first and then a few years later married the sisters before going on vacation. And, you know, I don’t know, if your families have have made comments about polygamy, maybe not one of my ancestors. I read all their records, and they always felt so blessed to be able to live that sacred law. So it makes me very attended for those who are willing to, to make that they consider a higher rung. And anyway, in the midst of a lot of persecution, knowing beforehand that they were going to have those type of challenges. Again, Ansan call the Cyril call. I don’t know how he lost his I think it’s a great picture of him. But let’s go back there. Yeah, Cyril was to answering calls that he he was attacked by the mob and the mob said You know, we don’t have anything against you personally but we can’t. We can’t stand with those Mormons you have two minutes to get your belongings out of your cabinet and took the took the bag was much longer than they could and they burned his cattle to the ground. And answering, again answering what a great pioneer this Anson is, I don’t know. Many people know much about Anson. But this man it doesn’t let me do this that’s interesting. I can I can stay on this page. And some was a great pioneer one time he had gone with he had gone to the Masonic lodge with Joseph and Hiram higher was going into to do a Masonic, right. And Joseph wasn’t allowed. Joseph wasn’t part of the Masons at the time. And he was outside the lodge and talking to the people and he went into a vision and actually wrote that down. I think it’d be worth reading if you’d like. I hope this is what you want to hear. And some describe the answer. And Joseph said, I had before seeing Joseph in a vision and now saw while he was talking his countenance change to blight, not the deadly wife of a blood blood was faced by the living brilliant white. He seemed absorbed engaging in something at a great distance and said, I am gazing at the valley of the mountains. Then the Prophet gave a vivid description of the scenery of the mountains and valleys, just as many of those who listened to him afterwards learn to know them in reality, pointing to brother rowdy said, there are some men here who shall do a great work in the land. Then pointing to brother Cole, he said, Gary’s answer and he shall go and shall assist in the building of cities, from one end of the country to the other and you talking to everyone shall perform a great work that shall be done by men, so that the nations of the earth shall be astonished and many of them will be gathered in that land and assist in the building of cities and temples and Israel saw shall be made to rejoice. And some fulfilled that great calling. I don’t know if you know he, he made it to be settled the town called calls will remember calls landing they used to ship be able to bring Steve steamboats up the calls landing and then into Salt Lake. A couple of years later, the railroad came through and calls Hill was no more. We also helped several places up in Canada. He did some stuff out in anyway, he was a great seven. I personally suspect that Anson Cole would have been an apostle, but he had a terrible stutter. And he was given a blessing by brother Richard. But it was only that whenever he was preaching the gospel, he would not say any other time he had a quite a bad speech impediment. And I think that’s kind of interesting. He married Margaret Angwin. He was he was part Mark and I you Margaret uncon.

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He met Margaret when he went to rescue the Martin company. He was one of the main wagons that went to rescue them and Margaret Underwood that come over on the Hudson was on the market game card company. And when Anson found her she was sitting in a wagon nine on a piece of Frozen Summer squash. There was only good for the cattle. And he knew and she wasn’t complaining about cold so you knew that she was freezing to death. She said that he handled her quite roughly and made her walk up and down the camp until her circulation started. She did lose a few few toes when she got back to Salt Lake. And Ansel took her as a plural wife. And it was a wonderful relationship. She lived to be quite elderly and just anyway, answering anyway, just just a great history. Okay, one more great story. Kathy, can you turn on your hotspot? Because I’m not getting any internet. I forgot to ask them about the internet. They said they’d give me the code and I never asked. That’s why I’m not giving you the pictures I’m looking for. Over and over. Yes, yes. Yeah. One of the answers kids know what the spread was. This brother is also and he’s a he’s a brother, Dad’s youngest favorite toy. Tony if you remember you and I were relative very close you think that’s right. Anybody ever done that on your phones to see relatives that are close family searches a mate is a miracle and I hope everyone uses go look at oh

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five J. Oh, yes, yeah. J Cole. Yes, I didn’t. I was invited to his funeral but I never knew. It’s nice to see. Let’s see if this works. It works. Okay, we have internet. I want to tell you about hangry carbohybrid Wilkin wandering incredible person. This is, again if you guys coming up, you’re gonna get an article. It’s not in the article. But next. This next issue which coming out comes out in about a week we can have will be about the Utah war. This is 1857 member Kurt. General Johnston army came out from Fort Leavenworth and I came from back east and to put down the Mormon rebellion. I had a great grandpa Carl Heinrich welcome. Let’s see if I can find his memories. Carbohydrate was a he was born in Germany. He was oppression soldier. And he fought in a war against the Danes, a Danish shooters a war against the day. His company, all his senior officers had been killed in three previous charges against the enemy. And he and they were going to they were going to capitulate, they were going to quit. And he encouraged us troops to let’s make one more charge. Let’s make one more charge against the Danes. And he led the charge. And with his enthusiasm and his skills, they rounded the enemy soundly and won the battle. And later a year later, the Danes actually won the award but but the king was so impressed with Karl Heinrich, this guy was six foot three and a soldier soldier that the team gave him he received the German Iron Cross. And there’s a cool picture here of a carbohydrate in his Iron Cross. Let me find it. Here it is. Let’s see if that works. Yeah, there’s called 100. When the yarn cross and cross is made from a captured cannon, it’s always from a country can from the enemy. I thought that’s cool. Anyway, and the king was so impressed that he wanted to be part of his royal guard and be a bodyguard to the king of Germany. And but, but Carl did not want to be a soldier, his two brothers had already integrated down to South America. And so Carl left my great grandma and their two, two daughters, and jumped on the ship to go to leave, he had heard rumors that the king was going to call to service. So he got on the ship and took off, either ran out of money, or he took the wrong boat, but he found himself in New York, not not able to speak the language out of money, and I’m able to get a job. And so Carl, so. So being a soldier, right, let’s see how to do this. So being a soldier, Carl, join the military and joining the society to do that. He joined the military, US Army as a soldier and guess who he ended up with. He ended up being up he didn’t Johnston’s army. And so he came out with Johnson’s army and 57 that put down this morning rebellion. He didn’t know he actually thought that the Mormons could have been a Tribe of Indians. That’s how little he understood. And as he started, like, get to know the troops. They he said they were the most nasty undisciplined course crew people he’d ever been associated with. He’s used to this very rigid military, you know, type of soldiering. And these were a mom who said they knew they were coming out to kill the Mormon men and take everything they had. That was their plan. And, and it just disgusted him. He got as far as Wyoming and he decided he was going to deserve three times twice. He went out on horseback, by the way because he was such a good soldier and one of the head of the head of it that can company was German

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descent to they got along quite well. And he had special privileges he was allowed to go out and go hunting for the troops. And so he had it. Twice, he went out on horseback to go to desert. And twice he heard his real name set, and he wasn’t using his own name, and no one knew his name. And it scared him so much that every time he would turn the horse to leave, he would hear his name, and it made him stop and finally any any fine. He found out later that if he’d gone any further, he would have been captured for desertion. Then finally one day he asked permission to go hunting, and it took off. And when he did, he found the first trapper, he came across, he turned himself over to him. And the man said, I heard a noise, and I turned quickly, and the man was stabbed. The soldier was standing there, and he said, I leveled my gun at his heart. And he said, Do not shoot I run arm. Anyway, he turned himself in the Brown, the lineman, a Mormon Trapper hunting rabbits, and linemen, took him down to Fort Bridger and turn him over to Who else but Porter Rockwell in that great annual report. And, Carl, he had a lot of interesting information. He still didn’t know if these Mormons were following some crazy lunatic. He didn’t know that much about him. But he did know that these brothers took a knee morning in life. And we’re constantly their language was pure. They could live the life it was admirable. And he noticed that almost immediately. And he decided to help Puerto herd 153 head of us grade cattle from the military, all the way into Salt Lake. And he says across to the mountains and saw this beautiful valley, the Mormons would never give him a free passage to call it to California. And when he crested the valley and saw this wonderful place, and felt the spirit of the saints, he dropped to his knees. And the Spirit told him, this is where we will live. And he went down and and became very good friends. He became quite the hero, because he was he was able to defy for valuable information. But, George you can and just absolutely loved Carl, I’ve got a great I got some cool pictures here. Let’s see. Here’s one. This is Carl. This is Carl on the left with George Q cannon, right before he goes into prison for polygamy. And he’s the one that would take the male into George cube, and they give them all the information in the news visit him every day. He was also kind of a driver for Brigham Young John Taylor Milford Woodworth and Lorenzo swamp, and he. He was a constable he built helped the Brigham Young build his first mill. He was a Miller in Germany. He was trained as a Miller. So he built the mill there in Liberty Park, and random mill. He was also a constable and being in that position, he was able to bribe some people who knew beforehand, when they had warrants to arrest polygamous. He had he would be able to warn those people early. One time they had a warrant for 43 Different polygamous, and they didn’t catch a single one. And it was because of brother Wilkie. And I just think that’s a marvelous. Listen, I don’t know if any of you have done this before. But did you know that if you go to their names, watch this. You go to their names and you push this, like their birthday. You just tap that? And watch what happens? It finds it on the man. It’s so cool. Now, I’m gonna push that map. And let’s see what happens. In this cool, it goes he went up there. There was no born up there came back down. And then keep going. He goes from Germany. And he sails over to New York, comes into salt lake with the saints. Goes down the Lehigh or I guess down into Salt Lake goes over to Heber for a year or two goes back on a mission back to Germany and picks up a lot of his family. Not his wife came over later, but he converted a lot of his family. And then he ended up going down down to delta and then back up to Salt Lake and it even tells you where He’s buried

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in that cool. I just think that’s one of the neatest little things. And I hope each of you just have fun when you do this, you know, here’s parley P. Pratt, watch what happens when I do it with him. Okay, here’s part of the fee prep or not burn up in New York, I think, watch what happens. Boom. That’s all it does. He goes to Arkansas and gets killed by an irate ex husband or wife. But this is a Family Search it under under off the pedigree chart. Yeah, this is just part of just you just pull up the name. It’s in the vitals. You know that there’s a lot more department prep, they just going straight to Arkansas didn’t shop. Remember, he did a mission on the candidate and converted John Taylor. Right. He did a lot of missions back over in England. Yeah, so that have been Kirtland? Yeah. Incredible. And he baptize a whole town. I mean, he is the that brought 1000s of people into the church, in the very first year two of the existence. And the one incredible apostle he was, but all I’m saying is there’s a lot more to it. And there’s more things that we need to be entered into this. That’s not him. That’s what I’m getting. And so I hope each of you take the opportunity to, to, to play around like that. Brothers and sisters, I think that’s about as far as we need to go. I just want you to know that genealogy is important. But more than that, I wrote a cool little saying now. And I think I want to say

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this, Edmund Burke said that people will not look forward to posterity, who never looked backwards to their ancestors, right? If you truly care about your children, you will understand your past and share it with help them understand where they came from. Give them a heritage. That’s it. And regardless, if they understand the purse, almost every one of our ancestors were mobile, they made decisions, because they thought it was the right decision. Oh, I guess we all have Horsethief once in a while. But let’s not concentrate on those. Let’s concentrate on those that do wonderful things. And provide your histories, each one of you should have a page or two. You know, you go over here to memories, you know, and you should have stuff like this, you should have pictures, you should have a two one or two three page Autobiography of your life posted on Family Search. And if not there, please bring it to our library at the National Headquarters. My wife is one of the ones that’s in charge of memorialization is each one of my ancestors, I want to make sure that they’re memorialized, I think, and it doesn’t have to be a big thing. It’s a few pages. And we send it to national. They digitize it, they put it on this website. We have four different time periods for memorialization before the railroad 1847. So the 1869 then before the before statehood, which was 69 to 9896 94, something like that. And then 96 to 1933. And then when it’s up started in 1933, to President, but any one of those we can memorialize our grandparents, we can send something in for ourselves. I would love to have something on every member that’s up. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Just and have that record for anyone who comes and does research. We are digitizing every book at the library we have now. I think as of this week, we have now a genealogy library for Family Search. And we’re hoping to become a discovery library. It’s fantastic. And it’s going to bring real a lot of people we need volunteers. This is one reason why I’ve come to the library needs volunteers to be a to get your chapter of excellence. One of the things they would like you to do, it’s one of the choices anyway is volunteer up at the library either in person or if you want to do some stuff online. We have things that you can do there but call them they call nationals sad got an hour this week, and they will give you a project that would make this really fun. And they we have 1000s and 1000s of books that we need to read We need to know the topic because you know who the leading characters are so that in our indexes, people know which book to check out, things like that. That’s research that each of us need. We have 1000s of pictures that we need, I’m sorry, but we need older people to come look at these pictures and see if they recognize anything about it. I mean, 1000s, but that’s something you need to go there, look at the pictures and say, Hey, man, I think I know what this is, you know, let’s get them labeled, get them get this stuff, digitized, cool projects, really fun stuff that I think would be fun. I know that people are in this organization not to waste their time. They want lives of purpose. Genealogy is that, and the work that goes on, because we know our ancestors is something that extends not him, not just beyond us. But we do work for those who have gone before us. And I know it’s a sacred word. I hope each of you get that vibe inside you. My last comment is we are continuing just as we reach back to our ancestors for fundamental values, so we as guardians of that legacy, we must read your head to our children and their children. And we must go with a sense of sacredness and bearing my testimony, this is the Lord’s work. And we have a sacred trust to preserve this image for our children in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Amen. Thank you very much. Let’s give him a big hand for a presentation. sharing that message with us. We appreciate it very much. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind each of you next month, in December, we will be meeting on the 19th because once again, we don’t want to be held holding our meeting on Christmas Eve. I don’t make a Christmas actually. So the reason that it will also be at the Senior Center in Murray and we will have the Taylorsville high madrigals coming again. They put on such a fun program. And we would love to see each and every one of you there. You’re more than welcome to come if you’d like we’d love to have you enjoyed very much tonight. And unless does anyone have anything I’d like to say before we close the meeting tonight. Okay, we’re sure glad to have you here and I think we will. We were well taught when Royals will be saying our closing brace

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