This is Her Place Soul Sisters: Mother Augusta and The Rev. Elizabeth McVicker

Many people know Utah as one of the most religious states in the country. But fewer people know that many different faiths have deep roots in the state, and women have played an important role in all of them since the beginning.

This episode introduces two female religious leaders who each felt called to come to Utah:

Mother Augusta, one of the first Catholic nuns to arrive in Utah, who founded St. Mary’s Academy and Holy Cross Hospital and later became the first American Mother Superior of the Sisters of the Holy Cross.

The Rev. Elizabeth McVicker, the former pastor of both First United Methodist Church and Centenary Church in Salt Lake City, who went on to become a superintendent in the United Methodist Church.

Both women spent just a few short years in the Beehive state before moving on to become leaders in their denominations, but their work has had a lasting impact.

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