This is Her Place Home on the Range: Katherine Fenton Nutter, Josie Bassett, and Heidi Redd

The “frontier myth” — or the romanticized idea of a place at the edge of civilization full of opportunity for the strong and self-reliant — has been idealized in American history, literature, and art. The reality, however, is more complicated — and so are the three women we highlight in this episode, all of whom made their livelihoods as cattle ranchers:

Katherine Fenton Nutter, known in her day as “Utah’s Cattle Queen,” who ran Nine Mile Ranch, one of the largest cattle ranches in Utah
Josie Bassett, a rancher and renegade with a homestead in what is now Dinosaur National Monument
Heidi Redd, a cattle rancher at “The Dugout” near Canyonlands National Park, who forged a partnership with The Nature Conservancy
All three defied the gender stereotypes of their time, bending the rules and pushing boundaries to carve out a place for themselves on Utah’s frontier.

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