This is Her Place Bridging the Gap: Alison Comish Thorne and Karen Kwan

How do we work with people we disagree with? How do we stand up for causes while also building relationships?

In this episode, we talk about two women who were gifted with an almost uncanny ability to create bridges with people who thought and felt differently than they did:

*Alison Comish Thorne, Professor Emerita at Utah State University and a civic leader and community activist
*Karen Kwan, a current member of the Utah House of Representatives from District 34, which covers Taylorsville, Murrary, Millcreek, and a bit of West Valley, also a community advocate and an associate professor of psychology at Salt Lake Community College.

Both women focused on women’s issues, including the ERA. Both could have felt like outsiders in their own communities, and at times they did. But they also dedicated themselves to building bridges with determined persistence, and often in the face of steep odds.

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