This article originally appeared in Vol.53, No.1 (2006) of Pioneer Magazine.

by Pioneer Magazine

The Pine Valley Chapel was built in 1868 and is the oldest continuously used building in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; About forty minim from St George, this beautiful white chapel. lt was built in 1868 by (for whom Bryce Canyon National Park was named). The settlers of the Pine Valley logging and saw-milling community approached Bryce to build a church that would also function as a school and community building He agreed to build it only if he could do it his own way using shipbuilding techniques. The attic rafters were built like the bottom of a ship. Only wooden pegs and square iron nails were used in the building The walls were constructed flat on the ground, then lifted up and tied at the corners with strips of rawhide. The chapel was constructed of local pine and ponderosa and set on a foundation of granite and red limestone.

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