The National Library can aid your research

Workplace in library

Please note that we have a person volunteering at our library who can help Members find their ancestors on the website. Call the National SUP headquarters to set up an appointment with us at the library or from your home. This volunteer is normally here at the Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10 am-1 pm. Our volunteer can work with you at either place, but the library location is preferred.

Next, in using the website, you may find books or documents about your ancestors. Call us with the key # to see if we have digitized this book or document or know the URL on where you can view the book. Call or email us at the library to see if we have any data that can help you in your research.

We are always looking for volunteers to help catalog and digitize this wonderful library.

Library #: 801-484-4441 ext 115

Library email:

John Smith, National Director and AVP

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