The Man on the White Horse

Off in the distance, I saw a man riding a white horse

This article originally appeared in Vol65. No.1 of Pioneer Magazine

Greg Hill was the interior designer responsible for the design and placement of furnishings for the Colonia Juarez . In his Salt Lake office, he had pondered for several weeks the question of which works of art should be hung in each of the rooms of the new temple. As the featured painting for the temple lobby, he was led to choose a print of Harold Hopkinson’s well-known painting,”The Prophet Reins His Horse, Just One Last Look on Fair Nauvoo,” which shows Joseph on a white horse looking back towards the city he loved.

“The Prophet Reins His Horse, Just One Last Look on Fair Nauvoo” by Harold Hopkinson

In due course Brother Hill traveled to Colonia Juarez to oversee the process of furnishing the temple. He was hanging the Harold Hopkinson print in the temple lobby when he was approached by a tearfully emotional sister who told him the following story:

“A former bishop, long ago, lost his wife to cancer. After some time, he remarried. His new wife was a lovely woman, but she was not a member of the Church. Despite her lack of interest in learning more, this sister was apparently taught by several pairs of missionaries over the next few years.

Then one day, while riding her horse along the ridges of the narrow Colonia Juarez valley, this sister saw, off in the distance, a man riding a white horse. She did not know the man, and the experience was a little disturbing because just as she realized she knew of no one in the area with a white horse, the man seemed to vanish without a trace.

Months later, while sitting through another missionary lesson, she recognized in a picture the missionaries were showing her the very man she had seen that day riding along the valley’s ridge— riding in the spot where the temple would be built.The sister soon acquired a strong testimony of the gospel’s truthfulness and was baptized, often sharing her experience with others.”

The art print the missionaries had shown this sister was a smaller version of the same one Greg Hill had chosen for the temple lobby.

The experience became for him a testimony of the Lord’s interest in the small details of his Church and his great love for all his children.

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