The Lycurgus Monument in Sparta, Greece

On Lycourgou Avenue, across from the Old Courthouse, is the statue of Lycurgus (abt. 800b.c.), Father of Sparta, King and Lawgiver. created a constitution for Sparta and established the Senatorial System, giving the people a voice in government.

Dr. of the University of Utah was commissioned to create the sculpture. The original sculpture is displayed at the Fairview, Utah Museum of History and Art. The bronze statue was presented to the people of Greece on behalf of the American people by the SUP Memorial Foundation (led by Daniel C. Jackling of San Francisco).

This was probably the first time a work of art was presented to Greece by the United States, symbolic of the harmonious relations of the two countries.

Nicholas G. Morgan Sr., President of the Sons of Utah Pioneers Memorial Foundation and immediate Past President of the National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers attended the unveiling. At the unveiling, the world premiere performance by the Athens Symphony Orchestra of Dr. LeRoy Robertson’s “Passacagglia” was performed.

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