Orderville: The Experiment in Communal Living

by Martha Sonntag Bradley, University of Utah professor Mormon church leaders brigham young, Orson Pratt and others designed a religious economic order they called the “united order of Enoch.” Traveling throughout Utah Territory, Young organized settlers—in some places as wards and in other places as towns—into united orders, saying: “Our object is to labor for the […]

Farmington UT

This article originally appeared in Vol.65, No.2 (2018) of Pioneer Magazine. by Glen M. Leonard The settlement of Farmington began in the late fall of 1847 when four men brought several hundred head of cattle to winter on the areas grasslands. The herd consisted of surplus cattle whose owners in the Salt Lake Fort paid […]

The Early Years of Davis County

This article originally appeared in Vol.65, No.2 (2018) of Pioneer Magazine. by Glen M. Leonard One of brigham young’s first actions upon arriving in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake was to send out exploring expeditions to the north, south, and west to assess regional potential for settlement. On August 9, 1847, Jesse C. […]

McCLEVE, Mary Jane

Share and Share Alike: Mary Jane McCleve Meeks and united order  This article originally appeared in the November/December 1970 issue of Pioneer Magazine. By Harold H. Jenson, Historian, Sons of Utah Pioneers  Mary Jane McClive Meeks was born August 1, 1840 in Belfast, Ireland. She married Dr. priddy meeks November 12, 1856. She died January 13, […]

Pioneer: 2012 Vol.59 No.1

[YUMPU epaper_id=62487818 width=”680″ height=”420″] Featuring: A Decade-Long System of Cooperatives and United Orders in Zion All Known united order Organizations Cooperative Community in the North: brigham city ut Interview Questions for Entry into United Order edith anne hamlin ande maynard dixon Orderville: The Experiment in Communal Living The Story of Dr. priddy meeks

Pioneer: 1970 Vol.17 No.6

[YUMPU epaper_id=62485554 width=”680″ height=”420″] Featuring: Historic Salt Lake Social Hall pony express Fights Communism What the Pilgrims had to be Thankful For The True Message of christmas Nauvoo, the Beautiful – Soon to become “Williamsburg of West” Colorful and Picturesque Places in Utah and Mountain West A Child’s Pioneer Treasure housecleaning in Those Olden Times […]

FREESTONE, Thomas and Ann Fall: Perseverance!

Their journey across the plains was an arduous one, but late in 1853 they arrived in American Fork. One year later the family moved to “Mountainville” (later named Alpine) where they lived in the fort for protection against the Indians, while they began to re-establish their affairs. Exerting all their efforts, they partially overcame their hunger by eating roots, pigweed and wild onions, and beat back enough crickets to raise a full crop of grain. In spite of their many trials the hardy family hung on to their testimonies and endured.