CALL, Helaman Pratt

My father had done a little experimenting. We had a large bathtub in one of the bedrooms in our home—it hadn’t been remodeled. They had just put in a bathtub and a toilet and a hand bowl in one of the bedrooms so there was quite a bit of room in there. It was a large oversize tub. I thought my father was going to baptize me but Charles Jones was going to baptize me. He had experimented how full he could fill the tub without running it over and still get me and him both in the tub. They put a stopper on the overflow so that the water would come up higher than the normal overflow would allow.

Pioneer: 1970 Vol.17 No.6

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WOOLSEY, Thomas: Journal Entries

[On arriving at the South Fork of the Platte River, they decided to follow along the bank, and passed an old deserted Indian village. An east wind blasted their faces, and the temperature plummeted. They were forced to take shelter under the bank of the river, where they slept on the ice. The weather was so cold that six inches of the tail of one of their mules was frozen.]