An Introduction for RootsTech participants for the Sons of Utah Pioneers

Larry Gibson, the 2022 National President of the sons of utah pioneers introduces sup to rootstech participants, and others who share our love for preserving our pioneer heritage and values.  After watching his introduction, we invite you to also watch the presentation below. Kyle Anderson, a Chapter President explains how the spokes to the “Wagon […]

National SUP Library Update

by John Smith, AVP Library Director As some of you are aware, the National Library volunteers have been working hard to accomplish the library document preservation project. We are indexing and digitizing all books and documents in the library area. We want you to have easier access to our pioneer heritage. We have developed a […]


Past National sup President BY BOB FOLKMAN My year as president-elect of the SUP corresponded to Dick’s year as past president. To be associated with him in service to the sons of utah pioneers was an honor. We travelled together to many chapter meetings in two states to train and encourage local leadership. Dick was […]

Guardians of the Pioneer Heritage

This article originally appeared in Vol.55, No.1 (2008) of pioneer Magazine. by Orson D. Wright, 1972 sup President THE HISTORY OF THE SONS OF UTAH PIONEERS On May 10,1869, the Union Pacific Railroad met the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Golden Spike was driven, marking the completion of the two railroads. This union gave Utah […]

The Founder of SUP: Lawrence T. Epperson

This article originally appeared in Vol.55, No.1 (2008) of pioneer magazine. by Richard Horsley We, of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers, should have recognized that his name gives him away. Lawrence—“the laurel crowned one”—and Epperson—“son of a wild boar”— gave him every right to do what he did, establish a heritage organization that wants […]

SORENSEN, Horace August

In recognition of significant contribution to the Sons of the Utah Pioneers, the Sugarhouse Chapter expresses thanks and appreciation to Horace A. Sorensen This article originally appeared in Vol.55, No.1 (2008) of pioneer magazine. by pioneer magazine Horace August Sorensen (Feb 6, 1899 – May 2, 1977) served as National President of the sons of […]

Keeping the Legacy Alive

The sons of utah pioneers commitment to honoring our pioneer heritage This article originally appeared in Vol.55, No.1 (2008) of Pioneer magazine. By Angus Belliston, 1994 sup President What’s really so special about the pioneers? Why do we talk about them so much? Why do we find it so pleasing if we happen to have […]

President’s Message: May 2021

by Brad Clayton, SUP President One year ago many of our worlds stopped spinning. The Covid-19 virus and subsequent I pandemic had essential halted life as we knew I it. I don’t think any of us could have imagined that a virus could have closed the Temples, canceled church worldwide and affected our I world […]

September 9, 2020 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

Following next week’s announcement of the president-elect voting outcome and the swearing in ceremony, the next major event will be Area training for Chapter presidents, past-presidents, presidents-elect, Secretaries and/or Secretary/treasurers, and other Board members that the Chapter Executive Board would like to invite to attend via zoom. The schedule we have adopted is for two […]


A GREAT LADY This article originally appeared in the July/Aug 1990 issue of pioneer magazine We cannot hold back any longer in giving recognition to a Great Lady, florence youngberg is a very important person in our present society. She is an asset in any station of life. She can serve efficiently in any civic […]


It breaks my heart to announce the passing of our dear past president, Keith Van Rosendaal on Thursday, June 25th of congestive heart failure while in the company of his family.  Keith and Elizabeth are members of the Mills Chapter of sup where he served as Chapter President in 2016.  The next year he was […]