KIRKHAM, George “Uncle Sam’s Hotel”: The Utah Penitentiary  By Melvin L. Bashore  Where I first met you Brother,  Was in the Utah Pen.  Where I hope that you nor me,  Will never meet again. 1   Over eight hundred men were sentenced to terms in the United States Penitentiary at Salt Lake City. The dilapidated […]

ALSON, Thomas

At the time there were no free schools held in Utah, so students were required to pay tuition, which was rather difficult to provide; while attending with Peck, my tuition became considerable in arrears, therefore, he proposed that I assist him with classes at a salary of $1.00 per week and my tuition, (in all about $1.35 per week) the $1.00 per week to apply on deferred payments.
I engaged to teach the Hoytsville School early in January 1876, at a salary of $45 per month. The school house consisted of one log room about 30 by 40 feet, heated by a stove in the center. The teacher was also the janitor etc.