YOUNG, Joseph Don Carlos

The Final Architect of the salt lake temple This article originally appeared in Vol.66, No.2 (2019) of Pioneer Magazine. The striking image of the Salt Lake Temple is instantly recognizable to most residents of the United States and many more worldwide. The exterior of the great building was the product of the minds of brigham […]

DEAN, Joseph

Joseph Dean was born the third of August 1831 in Hazelbury, Somerset, England, a son of Barnard Dean and Joanna Elliot…. On May 21,1855, he was married to Catherine Knott in the parish of Taunton St. Mary Magdeline by Henry Parr, Vicar…. “Joseph Dean was listed on his marriage certificate as a carpenter… [He] was […]


from History of Utah, Vol. 4 by Orson F. Whitney Adam Speirs, ex-Alderman of Salt Lake City, and present Bishop of the Tenth Ward, is a native of Beaver, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, where he was born July 7, 1834. His father, Thomas Speirs, came from Scotland with his parents in 1826, while his mother, Mary […]

PRESTON, William Bowker

from History of Utah, Vol.4 by Orson F. Whitney The present incumbent of the office of Presiding Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a native of Franklin County, virginia, where he opened his eyes to the light of this world on the 24th of November, 1830. He is therefore almost […]

ALLSOP, Thomas Hill

When more people came to Sandy, Mr. Allsop sold some of his land. Later he donated land for the Church site and cemetary. He gave Sandy a big bowery where large parties could go and dance and have weenie roasts. The bowery, the reservoir and Allsop's Lane was known to all the people of Sandy and surrounding communities.

WALLACE, George Benjamin

July 4 Sunday – Rain this morning. Public meeting. Elders P. P. Pratt, Taylor and Father Smith spoke against growing cold and careless, and neglecting to pray. They urged all to give thanks to God, who is blessing us all the time. They also spoke against swearing and taking the name of God in vain. They gave strong warning and spoke of some of the law which will be put in force hereafter. They exhorted to union, obedience, etc. and exhorted the fathers concerning their children, how to bring them up, etc. They said if we forgot God it would go with us as it did with the Lamanites, etc. We must not set fire to the prairie for it is a signal for the Indians to gather together. We have now come 175 miles. The conclusion is to travel each company of 50 by itself and to have it encamp and herd by itself.