Disaster on the rails: “That journey I shall never forget”

Mormon Emigrants & the Lynchburg, Virginia Railroad Accident of 1889 This article previously appeared in pioneer Magazine, 2010 Vol.57 No.2 Professor Fred E. Woods, BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY The tide of Mormon European immigration to America began in 1840 with the departure of forty-one Mormon proselytes from the docks of Liverpool aboard the Britannia.1 The stream […]

Gathering Early Saints Through Liverpool

This article originally appeared in Vol.62, No.2 (2015) of pioneer Magazine. by Fred E. Woods, BYU Department of Church history and Doctrine The glorious news of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ included the doctrine of the gathering—the coming together of God’s covenant people. Adherence to this doctrine would result in dramatic life […]

New Use for Old Mill

This article originally appeared in the May-June 1972 issue of pioneer Magazine The Old Washington Cotton factory at St. George has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Byron McLeese to be refurbished and used as a restaurant and social center with rooms for displays and artifacts. Mr. and Mrs. McLeese are residents of St. George. […]

FERRELL, Maggie Anna: A life history

At Pueblo they laid over for a day and a half to wait for another train to come through the mountains. The mountains were so steep that the only way to get the trains up over them was to put one engine on front and the other on back (one to push and one to pull) up the steep hills and then to hold them back as they went down the steep grades. Maggie was very frightened of the mountains and very homesick. When they were on the high ridges where Maggie could look down into the canyons she was very sure that they would fall down into them. The high mountains did not look very beautiful to the little fifteen year old from the low rolling hills of the Bluegrass country of Kentucky, and Tennessee and Illinois. She was very thankful when they reached Salt Lake City and the long trip was over.