YEARSLEY Sr., David Dutton: Giving His All

The Yearsleys made their way through the bitter cold winter weather to Winter Quarters. The hardships were so extreme that some entire families were buried along the way. “Thus, from day to day, slowly and wearily traveling, went the exiled Saints across the undulating surface of snow-covered Iowa. The Roads were very bad, the weather cold and stormy, and the streams, now frozen, now swollen by spring freshets, almost and at times quite impassable. Again and again they were obliged to double teams on the heavily loaded wagons, to drag them through deep streams and miry marshes on their line of travel. Some days three or four miles would be the extent of their journey. Many a halt was made, at times for weeks (5).”

LEE, Samuel Chaffings

Four Generations of Pioneers Crossed the Plains By: Don Lee While william lee was not one of the four, he was a pioneer in his own right, for he left Ireland in 1765, married in Philadelphia and settled in North Carolina.  When his wife died, leaving him with four young children, he “adopted them out” […]