James Henry Rollins, Faithful Pioneer

The San Bernardino colonizers were called back to Utah by Brigham Young when Johnson’s Army threatened. Henry and his family heeded the call, leaving behind still another home. In Utah, they settled in Minersville where he opened a lead mine and served as postmaster. He spent most of his life there serving faithfully in the church as a Bishop and in other callings well into his 80’s. He spent his last years in Lyman Wyoming to be near his children, where he passed away February 7, 1899.

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This presentation was made to the Murray Utah Chapter of the National Society of Sons of the Utah Pioneers. Transcript by Otter.ai Unknown Speaker 0:00 It’s all yours. Whatever you want I promise I’m not reading. But I do need now you can move it anywhere you walk. How does this work? Let’s see. Where […]


There he was shot and wounded by the anti-Mormon mob.  While he was bleeding to death, in fact almost gone, the prophet was sent for.  He and the prophet were very close friends.  The prophet laid his hands upon his head and blessed him to live and said he would go to the Rocky Mountains and be a useful instrument in carrying on the work of the Lord there, and would live to be of old age. 

JOHNSON, Benjamin Franklin

Every house was a hospital, but without nurses. There were hardly enough men to bury the dead. As Benjamin had cared for the sick at the Kirtland Poor Camp, he knew what should be done and was immediately called upon by Joseph to help. He reported: “I had come to Nauvoo on horseback and as the houses of the brethren were scattered for some distance up and down the river, I kept my horse under the saddle and rode from house to house giving medicines and caring for the sick, and for six weeks did not take off my boots or coat for one night of sleep.”

Gathering Early Saints Through Liverpool

This article originally appeared in Vol.62, No.2 (2015) of Pioneer Magazine. by Fred E. Woods, BYU Department of Church history and Doctrine The glorious news of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ included the doctrine of the gathering—the coming together of God’s covenant people. Adherence to this doctrine would result in dramatic life […]