A Chronology of Important Events: June 1887

Compiled by Andrew Jenson, Editor and Publisher of the “Historical Record” The population of the Sandwich Islands organized and assumed control of the Hawaiian kingdom, discontinuing the Gibson ministry, etc. A number of people were killed by indians in Arizona. Russia was visited by an earthquake, in which many people lost their lives. Floods did […]

A Chronology of Important Events: May 1887

Complied by Andrew Jenson, Editor and Publisher of the “Historical Record” MAY Monday, May 2 George Naylor who had served his term of imprisonment in the Utah Penitentiary for unlawful cohabitation was set at liberty. Miles Williams, of North Point, Salt Lake Co., was arrested, and the following day placed under $1,500 bonds and held under […]

Speak Your Piece | Season 2, Ep. 3 (Part 2 of 2) Leo Lyman’s Deep Dive into the “Sausage Making” of Utah’s Statehood

podcast Content for Part 2 of 2: Concerning Utah’s statehood story, the oft heard quote comes to mind, attributed to German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who said: “laws and sausage, if they are to be enjoyed, should never be watched made.” Lyman’s well written book argues for the opposite: knowing the stories behind political actions […]

Speak Your Piece | 7: Season 2, Ep. (1 & 2 combined), Kenneth L. Cannon: A Patriarch & Three Scions: George Q. Cannon and Sons

podcast Introduction: Keep in mind that on January 4, 2021, Utah will enter its 125th year as a state in the union (1896-2021). This was no small accomplishment, as it took the Territory of Utah forty-seven years to be granted equal status among the previous forty-four states. When the deal was finally closed for Utah, […]

HAGGERTY, Lucinda Catherine

  LUCINDA CATHERINE HAGGERTY AYERS PETTY Compiled by Lila B. Badger, a great granddaughter. Great grandma, Lucinda Catherine Haggerty, and her twin sister Malinda were born 29 Jan 1816 in Branchville, Sussex, New Jersey. They were the 6th and 7th children born to John S. Haggerty and his wife, Catherine Welch. One little sister, Mary […]


KIRKHAM, George “Uncle Sam’s Hotel”: The Utah Penitentiary  By Melvin L. Bashore  Where I first met you Brother,  Was in the Utah Pen.  Where I hope that you nor me,  Will never meet again. 1   Over eight hundred men were sentenced to terms in the United States Penitentiary at Salt Lake City. The dilapidated […]

Pioneer Ponderings

This article originally appeared in the Nov-Dec 1971 issue of Pioneer Magazine HUNTING COHABS, to use a vulgar parlance of the days when “the feds,” or federal officers went about chasing down “underground’ Mormon polygamists, was just about the most lucrative employment of the times. Twenty dollars per capita for each polygamist captured was the […]

WADLEY, William

In most respects William Wadley was typical of many other people who joined the LDS Church in the mid-1800s in England. Many of them migrated to the Utah Territory, many of them endured hardships during the trip, and many of them settled in difficult places. There are some details in William’s life, however, that shed […]