Speak Your Piece | 18: Season 2, Ep. 18: Utah’s Story – 150 Years of Photography from the Salt Lake Tribune

April 12, 2021 (Season 2, Episode 18: 53:46 minutes). Click here for the Utah Department of Culture & Community Engagement show notes for this Speak Your Piece episode. The show notes includes additional links and sources.  Podcast Content: In celebration of the Salt Lake Tribune’s 150th anniversary (1870-2020) as continuous newspaper published in Salt Lake […]

This is Her Place Taking the Lead: Olene Walker and Deidre Henderson

Almost half of Utah’s government workforce is female, according to the Utah Women and Leadership Project — but women make up only a fraction of statewide government executives and legislators. In this episode, we learn about the two highest-ranking female government officials in Utah history: Olene Walker, who was elected lieutenant governor in 1992 and went on to become Utah’s first — and so far only — female governor from 2003-2005; and Deidre Henderson, the current lieutenant governor, who was sworn in on January 4, 2021. Both women came to politics later in life, but each became a leader in her own right, using her experience and education to impact the state of Utah and blaze a trail for the women who would come after her.