Date of Birth 24/Dec/1799 Place of Birth Sunderland, Durham, England UK Date of Death 21/Sep/1878 Place of Death Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah USA john richan, a Pioneer tinsmith John Richan was born on 24 December 1799 in Sunderland, Durham, England. At the age of twelve he was indentured as an apprentice to learn the art […]

GLEASON, John Streator: Rush Valley Miner

John S. Gleason did indeed own the Mountain Lion mine, or parts there-of, but also the Blue Wing mine listed above and much to our surprise, at least seventeen other lodes shown in Figure 13.0.
Two miles north of Ophir is Jacobs City in Dry Canyon. Some of the richest lodes of the Ophir Mining District came from this location. John S. Gleason owned in part the Iris(Ira) and Jacobs Hill lodes (Shoo Fly) in Dry Canyon. Millions of dollars of rich metals were taken from the Ophir and Jacobs City locations.
The date of sale of the Mountain Lion Lode no. 2 was 4 March 1871. It was sold with the webster and women rights lodes for $2,000 dollars. The Mountain Lion Lode and thirteen other lodes were sold on 10 June 1871 for the combined sum of$5,000 dollars.

SHIPP, Ellis Reynolds

Mother & Doctor This article originally appeared in the May-June 1970 issue of Pioneer Magazine. by Elon Hanson  Ellis Reynolds Shipp knew firsthand about the sickness and death the Saints had to deal with. At the age of five she traveled in a covered wagon with her family to Pleasant Grove, Utah. While Ellis was […]

Settling of Utah Valley

This article originally appeared in Vol.58 No.2 2011 issue of Pioneer Magazine From Whitney’s History of Utah: Trouble at fort utah It was with reluctance that the Timpanogos indians who met the Higbee colony in March, 1848, permitted the first white settlement on Provo River and that, too, in spite of the invitation previously extended […]

JENSEN, Jens and Dorthea: Nearly Pioneers

Most pioneer stories involve building religious faith through hardships and challenges, but some early migrants to Utah don’t fit this mold. Some were disappointed by life in Utah and returned to their place of origin. Others moved on seeking greener pastures elsewhere. Still others remained in Utah but became disaffected with the dominant religion. Some became Jack Mormons, others became vocal critics of the LDS Church, and still others joined a different church. Jens Christen Jensen and his wife Dorthea were cases of the latter.

Dreams Never Dreamed Of

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2000 issue of Pioneer Magazine By Mary A. Johnson As we begin a new year and a new millennium, it seems natural to look back on that which has passed to see what we have accomplished; which dreams have been left unfulfilled and which dreams have been realized. […]

WARNICK, Anders Peter: Stalked by Cholera in 1866

From 1863 to 1875 cholera swept through Europe. The Austro-Prussian War in 1866 accelerated its spread. That fateful year 250 thousand people died from the lethal disease in Prussia and Austria, 90 thousand perished in Russia, and 113 thousand succumbed the next year in Italy. Hungary, Holland, and Belgium were similarly hard hit by the disease. Little wonder, then, that the virulent bacteria made its way on board the ship that the Anders Peter Warnick family boarded in Hamburg, Germany on June 1, 1866.