Pipe Spring, Arizona

By Robert W. Olsen Jr. Pipe Spring National Monument offers an insight into the history of a little-known corner of northern Arizona. Located in the northeastern extremity of Mohave County some 10 miles south of the Utah border and slightly west of Kanab Creek, Pipe Spring has been mentioned but occasionally in the formal histories […]

HINTON, James Maurice: Life Story

I herded those sheep through what they call the Bear Hole. I’d start them through the East side and it would take them ten days to go through. I herded sheep four years for Wilts Imlay on Kolob in the summer and on the Arizona Strip in winter. The wages were $40 a month and board. I’ve got more to show for those four years than any other time in my life.

CANNON, Angus Munn

This article originally appeared in History of Utah Vol.4 by Orson F. Whitney Prominent in various ways and in business a successful farmer and stock-raiser, Angus M. Cannon, President of the Salt Lake Stake of Zion, is given the right of precedence in this group of biographies. He has been a resident of Utah since […]

The Polygamous Underground

This article originally appeared in Vol.60 No.1 of Pioneer Magazine by David McNeill Although the Winsor Castle fort never came under attack, it still served a purpose. In the 1880s, the Mormon practice of polygamy came to national consciousness, and federal marshals came to Utah to catch polygamists in the act. Isolated Pipe Spring was […]

HINTON, James Maurice

This biography originally appeared on pioneerstories.org A Child’s Memories of Life in Mexico I was seven years old when we left Virgin, Utah to move to Morelos, Mexico.  When we left, we had two four horse outfits. It took several years to get there. We went by way of Pipe Springs, Fredonia and out over […]