BLAIR, Seth Millington

No power on earth shall stay thine hand, thou shalt rebuke the waves of the sea, and like Enoch turn rivers of water out of their courses, cause streams to break forth in dry places to give drink to thy people, feed a multitude in the wilderness by the same power that Jesus fed the multitude when he was in the flesh, shall do every miracle that your heart desires, live to see Zion established in peace on the Earth.”

GLEASON, John Streator: The Martyrdom of the Prophet

“The scene through which I have been called to pass since I arrived in this place from the East has almost alienated me from my country. Almost one continual round of mobocracy by night and by day. When I contemplate the scene it almost makes me shudder, and my blood run cold in my veins. I have been an eye witness to almost the whole scene from the beginning. My life has been exposed—threatened from time to time. . . when they were filled with wrath …. About a week before the assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith I was arrested—marched to jail by a band of the desperate and could not even lay there in peace—was aroused about 12 o’clock by a rush of men into the yard and a loud rattleing [sic] and hallooing at the door of the jail. One of our men went down and opened the door, when they rushed up stairs and caroused about a while, and left us.”

RICHARDS, Henry Phinehas

from History of Utah, Vol.4 by Orson F. Whitney COLONEL HENRY P. RICHARDS, son of Phinehas and Wealthy Dewey Richards was born at Richmond, Berkshire county, Massachusetts, November 30, 1831. He was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when eight years of age, and in 1843 emigrated with his father’s family […]

WELLS, Daniel Hanmer

Submitted by Bradley Clayton, Great-Great-Grandson of Daniel Hanmer Wells Born October 27th, 1814 in upstate new york, Daniel H. Wells was the grandson of two veterans of the American Revolutionary War.  Both his fathers and mothers families emigrated from England to Massachusetts colony in 1635.  Daniel received formal education and followed in his father’s footsteps […]

KILLIAN, Captain John

When the Elders administered to me, Brother Killian being mouth, I was in bed. He poured the oil on my forehead and I jumped right out of bed and put on my clothes. On hearing that Robbins was going to Quincy in the morning, I walked up to his house, three-quarters of a mile, and went with him in his carriage to Quincy, remained all day and returned with him at night.”


This pioneer story originally appeared in the Nov/Dec 1980 issue of Pioneer Magazine Colonel Chester Loveland was raised on a farm in Ohio, and his educational advantages were only such as the pioneer school afforded. It was in the pioneer school he formed the acquaintance of Fanny Call, whom he married in 1838. He joined […]


He discovered that the Mormons were a religious people, however, at that time he cared nothing for religion. “The Methodists and the Presbyterians had been trying to convert me to their faith. I came to the conclusion that religion of every kind was a hoax, and that none was right, and that all preachers of religion were hypocrites, and were preaching for money and popularity.”

BRYCE, Ebenezer

This article originally appeared in Pioneer Magazine, 2010 Vol.57 No.3 by Wendell A. Bryce ebenezer bryce was born in Dunblane, Perthsire, scotland, on November 17, 1830. His parents were Andrew Bryce and Janet Adams. Ebenezer was the third child of eight children. At 10 years Ebenezer began working in the shipyards. At 15 years he […]