HIGGINS, Nelson: Through it All

Prior to leaving Nauvoo, Daniel Allen, Nelson Higgins, and Samuel Shepherd were called as a committee to sell properties belonging to the saints in the Bear Creek area. They were successful in collecting a good deal of money for the saints, but when they returned, the mobs had hit Nauvoo and the exodus had already begun (4). This is the first thread we find that ties the families of Nelson Higgins and Daniel Allen in their dedicated struggle for survival. Their relationship must have been a close one because Daniel’s daughter, Diantha, married Nelson’s son, Alfred. We know Daniel was one of the last three families to leave Nauvoo, so there is a good possibility that the other two wagons were those of Nelson & Samuel. Also, Daniel went to Manti to set up a tannery in 1854, and the two children were married in 1858, so their friendship must have lasted a lifetime.

President’s Message: September

These important events, occurring in the month of September over a period of 296 years from Columbus’s landing in America to the adoption of the Bill of Rights made possible the eventual restoration of the gospel. Even though freedom of religion was guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, we are well aware that Joseph Smith Jr. and members of the Church suffered much persecution over many years as a result of their religious beliefs and practices.