The Return from Exile

This article originally appeared in Vol.65 No.1 of Pioneer Magazine by Lavon Brown Whetton Wars and Rumors of Wars When the colonizing Saints in Mexico left their homes during the exodus of 1912, most of them believed their absence would be temporary. However, due to the prolonged Revolution, only about one-fourth of the pre-exodus population […]

LUNT, Sarah Ann

1858-1921 This article originally appeared in Vol.65 No.1 of Pioneer Magazine. by Susanne Lunt Peterson, granddaughter Sarah Ann Lunt, the daughter of Edward and Harriet Wood Lunt, was born in Manti, Utah, on August 11,1858. Sometime during her early childhood, her family moved to Nephi, Utah, where she grew up. She was the youngest of […]

VIGUERIA, Toribio Ontiveras

This article originally appeared on Vol.65 No. 1 of Pioneer Magazine. By Susan Easton Black, Emeritus Professor of Church History & Doctrine, Brigham Young University For the great majority of Mexicans residing in Chihuahua, the last two decades of the nineteenth century were harsh. President Porfirio Diaz,1 a former Mexican general, had consolidated his power […]

Finding Refuge in El Paso

Previous Next BY FRED E. WOODS Thousands of Latter-day Saints left their homes in Utah and Arizona in the late nineteenth century and settled in a region in northern Mexico that was said by locals to be “so dry even the lizards wore canteens.” This unexpected migration to Mexico was the result of laws passed […]