No Place Fit for a Human Being to Dwell Upon: The 1873 Colonization Mission to the Little Colorado River

This article originally appeared in Vol.60 No.1 (2013) issue of Pioneer Magazine By Kevin Folkman In the 1860s and early 1870s, Mormon expansion in the great basin began to spill over into new areas beyond the traditional Mormon Corridor. More LDS immigrants were arriving from Europe and the eastern states, requiring new farming and grazing […]

Lee’s Ferry

by Glen Hopkinson The cover of (the Spring 2013 issue of Pioneer Magazine, shown below) illustrates an incident that happened as the immigrants came to Lee’s Ferry and were faced with crossing the river. charles innes robson jr.—a grandson of the original Charles Innes Robson who was one of the four founders of Mesa, arizona— […]

HINTON, James Maurice

This biography originally appeared on A Child’s Memories of Life in Mexico I was seven years old when we left Virgin, Utah to move to Morelos, Mexico.  When we left, we had two four horse outfits. It took several years to get there. We went by way of Pipe Springs, Fredonia and out over […]


Pioneer Child & Mother This biography originally appeared on My grandfather, john eagar, was born July 13th, 1823, at Auburn, Cayuga. Cayuga County, New York. Two years later they moved to the village of Ling Sing on the east bank of the Hudson River, 34 miles above New York. His father was Thomas Eagar, […]