Robert Remini, Author of Joseph Smith presents on the Prophet, History, Papers, Education and other facts

joseph smith, Jr. (December 23, 1805 – June 27, 1844) was an American religious leader and founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement. About the book:… When he was twenty-four, Smith published the book of mormon; by the time of his death fourteen years later, he had attracted tens of thousands of […]

GLEASON, John Streator: The Martyrdom of the Prophet

“The scene through which I have been called to pass since I arrived in this place from the East has almost alienated me from my country. Almost one continual round of mobocracy by night and by day. When I contemplate the scene it almost makes me shudder, and my blood run cold in my veins. I have been an eye witness to almost the whole scene from the beginning. My life has been exposed—threatened from time to time. . . when they were filled with wrath …. About a week before the assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith I was arrested—marched to jail by a band of the desperate and could not even lay there in peace—was aroused about 12 o’clock by a rush of men into the yard and a loud rattleing [sic] and hallooing at the door of the jail. One of our men went down and opened the door, when they rushed up stairs and caroused about a while, and left us.”


by Orson F. Whitney, in History of Utah, Vol. 4 Upon the roll of honored names whose records as Pioneers and State-builders make up the early history of our commonwealth, few shine as luminously as that of Willard Richards, physician, theologian, historian, journalist and statesman. A member of the historic band led by Brigham Young […]

Joseph, Not Brigham, Planned Exodus

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] [This article originally appeared in the Mar/Apr 1970 issue of Pioneer Magazine.] RECENTLY published magazine article on the great exodus of the Mormon Pioneers, credited the whole idea to brigham young, the master colonizer who moved the entire body of the “Saints” to the heart of the Great Basin.  This is in error. It […]

LYMAN, Amasa Mason

From Whitney’s History of Utah, Vol. 4 THE name of this noted man—Apostle and Pioneer—is inseparably interwoven with the early history of Utah and other parts of the West. An industrious colonizer, an eloquent orator, and a leader of more than ordinary ability, he was with the Mormon Church and people from the days of […]


Submitted by F. Martell Grover Thomas Grover was born 22nd of July 1807 in Whitehall, new york.  His family lived on the northern end of Whitehall which was at the south end of Lake Champlain.  At this time moving goods by water ways was big with the Erie Canal.  In 1820, Thomas (age 13) was […]

President’s Message: September

These important events, occurring in the month of September over a period of 296 years from Columbus’s landing in America to the adoption of the Bill of Rights made possible the eventual restoration of the gospel. Even though freedom of religion was guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, we are well aware that Joseph Smith Jr. and members of the Church suffered much persecution over many years as a result of their religious beliefs and practices.

WOOLLEY, Edwin Dilworth

By Calvin Woolley Submitted by John Elggren Edwin Dilworth Woolley, Senior, the son of john woolley and rachel dilworth was born at West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania June 28, 1807.  His father was a well-to-do farmer and Edwin was planning to be a farmer.  He usually worked on the farm during the summer and attended […]


This article originally appeared in the Mar/Apr 1980 issue of Pioneer Magazine THE JOHN WALKER FAMILY—EARLY CHURCH STALWARTS by Rowland P. Corry The following is about John Walker, my great great grandfather and some members of his family. John Walker was a personal friend of joseph smith, the prophet. John’s daughter, Catherine, my great grandmother, […]


One of the first missionaries of the Restoration The earliest missionary of the Church to publicly teach about the book of mormon may very well have been Solomon Chamberlain. Even before the book was published and the Church organized, Solomon was traveling on the Erie Canal (which went through Palmyra, new york) and felt that […]

President’s Message: June 2020

June is filled with historically significant events such as D-Day, June 6, 1944, the beginning of the Normandy Invasion which ultimately resulted in the liberation of France. We also celebrate Father’s Day. I cherish memories of my father who took me with him to the farm where he taught me to work, he taught me […]

The Prophet Prophesied Second Place Winner in the Family Films Category of the 2016 LDS Film Festival. Based on the writings of and narrated by the voice of Edward H. Hale (1883-1964), his grandsons E. Hunter and Richard I. Hale have produced this video illustrating an encounter Ed and his companion had with an elderly blind and […]

Who is Joseph Smith? Official Church Website on Joseph Smith The Joseph Smith Papers An essential resource for scholars and serious students of the life and work of joseph smith, early Mormonism, and nineteenth-century American religion. Video inspired by: Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling- by Richard Lyman Bushman

Pioneer: 2015 Vol.62 No.4

[YUMPU epaper_id=62487318 width=”680″ height=”420″] Featuring: liberty jail: The Asylum of the Oppressed Lyman O. Littlefield Precindia Lathrop Huntington mercy fielding thompson The Illegal Path to Liberty Jail: Abusine Missouri Law The Saints Forced Exodus from Missouri, 1839 The Mormon tabernacle choir Pays Tribute to Quincy The Release of joseph smith and the Liberty Jail Prisoners […]

Pioneer: Vol.17 No.2

[YUMPU epaper_id=62485546 width=”680″ height=”420″] Featuring: Joseph, Not Brigham, Planned Exodus david o mckay Was Beloved of Millions World Over Know Your Pioneer History heber charles hicks guinivere bacon – First Utah Feminine Flyer Proposed state of deseret Would have been Non-Mormon Tiny echo chapel, Now Abandoned, To Be Preserved Era of the stagecoach: Heroic, Exciting, […]

Pioneer 2014: Vol.61 No.2

[YUMPU epaper_id=62462540 width=”680″ height=”420″] Featuring: A Family Witness of joseph smith Tribute to the Knight Family by the prophet Joseph Smith The colesville branch and the Coming Forth of the book of mormon Newel and Lydia Knight Miraculous Healing of Philo Dibble by newel knight Joseph Knight Jr. jesse knight and the Riches of Life