STEED, Milton Ezra & Ida Hansen

The bishop had just come out of the chapel ad was standing on the top step visiting with another rancher when, unnoticed, that young man walked across the church yard, up the steps, and hit that bishop square on the jaw and knocked him down. Silence settled over the crowd; people stood motionless in a state of shock. Some of the men had their fists clenched, but no one made a move. All were wondering what the bishop would do. The bishop, however, was silently asking what the Lord would do if he were the bishop. The young man stood over the bishop with his fists clenched, glowering down at him. After a few seconds, which seemed much longer, the bishop got up and looked that young man squarely in the eye and calmly said, “Well brother ________, if that is the way you feel, perhaps you had better hit the other cheek.” He turned his head and waited.