Dymock Parish Church

Just south of the Herefordshire area of england is the village of Dymock, Gloucestershire. During the second British mission, 1840–41, several individuals and events important in LDS history trace back to Dymock. thomas kington, once superintendent of the united brethren, lived there. His conversion to the Church led to the conversion of many others. His […]

PITT, William

This article originally appeared in Pioneer Magazine, 2010 Vol.57 No.3 by Kent Lott Born in Dymock, england, August 16, 1813, william pitt joined the Church in 1840. By 1842, he had moved to Nauvoo, Illinois. One evening in 1842, a group of 27 men assembled at the Nauvoo home of John W. Coolidge, greeting each […]