Submitted by Cal Andreasen Born: Jan 21, 1875, Torslev, Hjorring co., denmark Died: Aug 28, 1961, Provo, Utah The Jens Christian Andreasen Family Immigrated America, 1889-1891 DANISH ANCESTORS I think I should tell a little about my husband’s (Axel’s) people before I venture too far into our lives together. In a faraway beautiful country of […]

NIELSEN, Ane: A Self Sufficient Pioneer

Ane was a hard worker. She had to work more like a man than a woman. She did a lot of work in the fields and with the animals. When anyone in the family needed help or advice on the farm, they would ask her. She could fix a broken harness as well as any man. She had quite a few sheep that her boys would care for. She would shear her sheep, then wash the wool and spin it into yarn. Following this preparation, she would weave it into beautiful cloth.

JACOBSEN, Christian Jensen: Frontier Craftsman

Another life altering experience occurred in 1854 when L.D.S. missionaries introduced the Jensens to a new religion. After a short investigation Christen and Kirsten were baptized on a cold day in December and became the first members of the church in their local area. Soon after, Christian was called to be a local missionary and also to preside over two branches of the church. In the fall of 1857 he was assigned to open a mission on LæsØ, an island located midway between Jutland and Sweden. As a missionary he received frosty receptions but soon encountered some inhabitants in need of his clock repairing skills. This led him to adjust his strategy and avoid the topic of religion until he had the family’s clock dismantled. Once the family knew him as a clock repairman, they were more prone to discuss religion with him. Using this strategy, and after visiting the island several times, Christian baptized a dozen or so members and organized the Byrum Branch there.

ANDREASEN, Axel Ferdinand

Born: Jan 21, 1875 in Torslev, Hjorring Co., denmark Died: Aug 28, 1961 in Provo UT DANISH ANCESTORS I think I should tell a little about my husband’s (Axel’s) people before I venture too far into our lives together. In a faraway beautiful country of Denmark, a fine young man by the name of Jens […]

SNOW, Erastus

by Orson F. Whitney, History of Utah Vol.4 The pioneer who shared with orson pratt the distinction of being the first among their famous band to enter Salt Lake valley was a prominent Elder and soon became an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Of all the distinguished characters surrounding Brigham […]

Carl Christian Anton Christensen

The Pioneer Era’s Artist-Historian This article originally appeared in Vol.66, No.1 (2019) of Pioneer Magazine. by Bob Folkman The best-known artist of the Latter-day Saint pioneer era is undoubtedly the Danish handcart pioneer Carl Christian Anton Christensen. Throughout his life he was known as Carl to family and friends, but he is most often identified […]

All the Corners of the Earth

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] This article first appeared in Pioneer Magazine 2010, Vol.57 No.1 In the first years following the 1847 founding of a refuge in the West, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, under inspired leadership, achieved a remarkable work. It began to conquer a desert, establish a core of settlements, gather thousands of refugees […]

ANDERSEN, Jens Peter

This article originally appeared in the May-June 1970 edition of Pioneer Magazine. by Ferdie D. Peterson  Jens Peter Andersen was born in Gammelstrup, denmark, the 4th of January, 1826. His father was a farmer and lived in several small communities in the central part of Denmark.  Jens was the tenth of eleven children, but only […]

JEPPSEN, Niels Andersen

The day after their wedding they walked to their farm in North Ward (now named Harper Ward). She carried a basket with her dishes in one hand, while with the other hand she helped Niels carry a large box which contained their worldly goods. A large stove kettle was fastened to the box, while suspended on a stick, which he placed across his shoulder with a sheet with quilts wrapped inside.


An Exemplary Life, Held in Highest Esteem By Spencer D. Madsen President Mesa Chapter Peter Madsen, my great grandfather, was born April 6, 1824 in Studsdale, Vejle County, denmark, the fourth child of Mads Pedersen and Mette Marie Hansen. 6 His father was 36 and his mother 26. The parents had moved to the above […]

JENSEN, Jens and Dorthea: Nearly Pioneers

Most pioneer stories involve building religious faith through hardships and challenges, but some early migrants to Utah don’t fit this mold. Some were disappointed by life in Utah and returned to their place of origin. Others moved on seeking greener pastures elsewhere. Still others remained in Utah but became disaffected with the dominant religion. Some became Jack Mormons, others became vocal critics of the LDS Church, and still others joined a different church. Jens Christen Jensen and his wife Dorthea were cases of the latter.