A Pioneer Christmas

This article originally appeared in the Mar/Apr 1990 Issue of Pioneer Magazine For a school assignment Elinor Brockbank Brimhall, a granddaughter of delia booth, wrote the following story when in her teens describing an early experience of her grandmother: In the year 1860, three little girls lived in a pioneer cottage. Their cottage had but […]

The True Message of Christmas

Make Men More Thoughtful, Tolerant, Forgiving This article originally appeared in the Nov-Dec 1970 issue of Pioneer Magazine THROUGH THE length and breadth of the land this christmas season are colorful decorations and glowing lights; everywhere the swell of joyous music; everywhere the happy congeniality of people saying, “Merry Christmas!” So enthusiastic and persuasive is […]

The Christmas Star

We all know the story of the Star that appeared the night of the Savior’s birth.  This star gave hope to millions around the world.  It was the promised sign from our Father in Heaven that His son, Jesus christ had been born, showing his love for us and promising the atonement for all.  If […]

Pioneer: 1970 Vol.17 No.6

[YUMPU epaper_id=62485554 width=”680″ height=”420″] Featuring: Historic Salt Lake Social Hall pony express Fights Communism What the Pilgrims had to be Thankful For The True Message of christmas Nauvoo, the Beautiful – Soon to become “Williamsburg of West” Colorful and Picturesque Places in Utah and Mountain West A Child’s Pioneer Treasure housecleaning in Those Olden Times […]