BELLISTON, Thomas & Sophia

A harrowing experience occurred between Christmas and New Years, just as he turned fifteen. Thomas and his brother, Jim, had gone with the reluctant consent of their father to haulwood on a very cold winter day. They found themselves returning home after dark when the temperature had dropped to bitter freezing. Both nearly lost their lives.

HOWARD, Joseph

A canal ran between and divided the 5 acre farm from that of Joseph's father, William. A pleasant pastime of the children was to watch the horses as they pulled the loads of freight and coal in boats along the canal. Locks were located near by and it was such fun to see the boats raised and lowered as they proceeded on the journey to the big cities.

ASH, Alma

This article originally appeared in the July/August 1983 issue of Pioneer Magazine by Steven R. Sorensen, City Creek Chapter British Convert’s Pioneer Spirit Waits 24 Years to be Fulfilled alma ash was born on the 10th of February, 1861, in Birmingham, England, only 24 years after the arrival of the first L.D.S. missionaries in Great […]

BELLISON, James Thomas and Louisa

Before many days, an incident occurred which tells a lot about James' attitude toward draft animals. His granddaughter, Pearl Allen Read, tells of the company coming to a bog of mud in the trail which caused many wagons to get stuck. As each team came to the bog, the Captain standing there would join the drivers in whipping the animals to get them through.When it was his turn, James forbade the Captain. "These are my animals and no whip is to be used on them." Although James' team pulled through the bog successfully, the Captain was angry and thereafter continued to find fault with this independent member of his company.James Thomas' life-long insistence that his animals be treated well was admired by those who knew him and was learned and perpetuated by his children throughout their lives.