Speak Your Piece | 8: Season 2, Ep. 8, Sons of Utah Pioneers, their magazine “the Pioneer,” & their 125th statehood anniversary issue

Podcast Introduction: This episode includes William  W. Tanner, the publisher of the Sons of Utah pioneer’s (sup) magazine; Wayne Hinton, the organization’s 2020 national president; and Thomas Alexander, the 2015 national president, all engaged in a discussion with Speak Your Piece host Brad Westwood, about this all-male Utah history organization: its origins, it’s membership (today […]

Pioneer: 2015 Vol.62 No.4

Featuring: liberty jail: The Asylum of the Oppressed Lyman O. Littlefield Precindia Lathrop Huntington mercy fielding thompson The Illegal Path to Liberty Jail: Abusine missouri Law The Saints Forced Exodus from Missouri, 1839 The Mormon tabernacle choir Pays Tribute to Quincy The Release of joseph smith and the Liberty Jail Prisoners form Missouri April 1839 […]