SUP Members: How to Register at SUP Online

This video walks SUP members through the process of registering as a subscriber on SUP Online.

6 thoughts on “SUP Members: How to Register at SUP Online

  1. I tried following the tutorial for registering. I can’t get the screens you show. I press “register” and nothing happens. I shows I paid my $12 to join Online SUP. It says I’m a member, but I can’t access the articles. I’m getting very disillusioned about the online experience.

  2. SUP MEMBERS: If you have trouble registering, please go to About > Support and open a Support Ticket so I can respond and help you.

    I was able to easily solve the problem Ron and Dan was having – but I can’t unless you let me know! Instead of posting that you are having trouble in the Comments, please open a Support Ticket, and I will help you!

  3. Derek,
    Where, what item do I check on to get to where the information for my credit card payment is shown? I have been all over this site and I can’t find anywhere where I can go to change the card that is on file. Todays email is in response to an email from SUP telling me I need to change my card number but when I clicked on the line that should have taken me to that area it brought me to this same area that I have been hunting on for days now. You have a great site here but I think you need to fix this problem. Thomas Lorin Thompson

    1. Thomas,
      To change your payment information:
      1. Click on “My Subscriptions & Groups” in the menu bar
      2. Click on “My Subscription”
      3. When the My Subscription page opens, go to your Subscription Renewal and click on “Update Payment Info”
      I hope this helps.

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