Speak Your Piece Podcast Features SUP

Podcast Introduction: This episode includes William  W. Tanner, the publisher of the Sons of Utah Pioneer’s (SUP) magazine; , the organization’s 2020 national president; and , the 2015 national president, all engaged in a discussion with Speak Your Piece host Brad Westwood, about this all-male Utah history organization: its origins, it’s membership (today you do not need to be a descendent of a pioneer to join, nor do you need to be member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints); and its flagship history publication the Pioneer.

Regarding the magazine, this graphically engaging magazine has been in production since 1995, and its January issue delves into Utah’s campaign for statehood. The interview includes a lively discussion on the messy history of statehood. In the end each guest tells something they think most Utahns would not know about Utah’s statehood story.

To see the complete shownotes including brief biographies of Tanner, Hinton and Alexander go to: Speak Your Piece (Utah Dept. of Heritage & Arts)

Hosted by Brad Westwood, Senior Public Historian from the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts, “Speak Your Piece” is published every other week (sometimes more sometimes less). Each podcast is sixty minutes long (however, seasons 1 and 2 were produced in two thirty minute segments). “Speak Your Piece” sorts out an author’s key arguments (in a book or article); the same for an exhibit, database, podcast or blog; all in a lively discussion with the historians, curators, archaeologists or archivists who produced the work. You may subscribe to the SYP podcast on Apple, Spotify, BuzzSprout or other podcast platforms.

The podcast is recorded and engineered at the Studio Underground at Stokes & Associates in Salt Lake City. Conner Sorenson is the sound and post-production engineer.

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