Discover the first preacher of the Book of Mormon

Solomon Chamberlin

, with his excellent Youtube channel, Stories of the Restoration, tells the brief story of Solomon Chamberlin.  preached the gospel before preaching the gospel was a thing.

Additional Information from Wikipedia:

Solomon Chamberlin (July 30, 1788 – 1862) holds notoriety in the early Latter Day Saint movement for being the first to evangelize the printed Book of Mormon. He preached from proof sheets during a tour among Baptists and Reformed Methodists in New York and Upper Canada while the Grandin press in Palmyra, New York, prepared volumes for publication. Prior to his encounter with the Book of Mormon, Chamberlin published his own visionary experience as A Sketch of the Experience of Solomon Chamberlin (1829). Chamberlin traveled to what would become Utah in 1847 as part of the Brigham Young Vanguard Company.

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