Site Resources

Welcome to SUP Online! For your convenience here is the map of primary important site resources for you to explore!

The Blog Feed

This is the “starting point” or Home Page for your experience on It should be the first page you see when you come to the site, although you may have to login to see all the content. This page shows all the latest news and articles that appear on the site.  If you can’t see the content and would like to subscribe, click here.

Pioneer Stories

Read and share stories of both traditional and modern-day pioneers. This page has a scrollable index of pioneer stories by last name. You can search the Pioneer Story database, or scroll down and pick a featured pioneer story to read. Many of the stories have attached audio, as well.

Pioneer Sites

Use either the map or the search bar to find historic markers near you. Or, click the red button to submit your favorite historic pioneer site!

Pioneer Magazine

Check out the Pioneer Magazine archive, with issues online from 1936 to 2019! Click on the year, then the issue, and you can turn the pages using the magic of the interwebs. We add more recent issues every few months.


Watch our collection of pioneer history-related videos, including collections from YouTube, Vimeo,, and SUP Chapter-submitted content, including several chapter presentations.