September 2, 2020 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

Dear SUP members,

August has come and gone which means that voting for president-elect is concluded.   All ballots that are received that are postmarked by midnight August 31 will be counted.  Those postmarked after August 31 are invalid.

The National Executive Council is pleased with the response of the membership.   A high percent of the membership has voted.  The office staff is now tabulating the votes.  That will take a few days because it will be necessary to await arrival of all valid ballots.

On September 9, , the past National President and election chairman, will inform our two outstanding candidates of the voting results and request that they keep the results confidential until September 16.

During this unconventional year, we are planning to announce the results to the National Board and then to the entire membership on the evening of September 16.   At the Board Meeting of September 16, the Executive Council will meet at National Headquarters in Salt Lake City with the winning candidate and limited family members that he may invite and conduct the swearing in ceremony for as President for 2021 and the President-elect.  We will follow Church and Salt Lake County guidelines for protection and safety.

This week’s Executive Council Meeting will be held at the Headquarters Building followed by the Past-presidents’ Council.  The Past-presidents not able to attend the Past-presidents’ meeting in person are invited to attend by zoom.  This will be Tony’s final opportunity to conduct and preside at the Past-presidents’ Council.  We thank him for his great service over the past three years as President-elect, National President and Past-president.  He has truly blessed our organization with his leadership.

It is regrettable that Tony can not be properly thanked for his service at a National Encampment, but since he will be in San Antonio on September 16, we will plan other ways to appropriately thank Tony.  He will not be forgotten nor ignored.

On September 9th. We will be holding an Editorial Board meeting.  Some of you have already begun asking when the next issue of the Pioneer will be out; after that meeting, we may have a better approximate idea as to when you may receive your next issue.  It is rewarding to the Editorial Board that many of you are so anxious for the next issue that you are already inquiring about its arrival.  Since so many are so anxious to receive the next issue, let your friends and neighbors know what a great magazine the Pioneer is and tell them why it is so great and why you are so anxious about receiving the next issue.

Continue to follow your chapter’s news and plan to attend those virtual events that are planned.  Thanks to Chapter Officers and Board Members for continuing to provide information and activities for your members.

Have a great week and stay well.

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