Sanpete County Nicknames

From the Saga of Sanpete, 1969

Sanpete County Utah

Prominent in the lore of the town of Ephraim in Sanpete County are the nick-names that people are called and became known by. Often they were better known among their associates by their than by their given names. These names could be humorous or might be based on a particular characteristic of the individual, or could indicate a profession that a prominent member of the family may have followed, either here or in the old country.

“Stump Annas” is said to have belonged to a Mr. Anderson who was short and stocky, while Dan, Ben, Andrew, and Tade “Wheelmaker” Jensen would suggest that making wheels was something the family did or had done. Other names such as “Kinikinik,” “Kesko,” or “Haugue,” indicate which Olsen family a person belonged to. The Kesko Olsens have their origins in Kesgaard, Denmark, and so each of the nicknames has their particular significance to long-time residents of Ephraim.

It has been requested that a listing of some of the nicknames of prominent citizens of Ephraim be included in this publication, as these, too, are becoming lost as time passes and more and more of the early residents leave us. The names on this list were brought together by the late Frank Madsen and Emroy Johnson for Ross P. Findlay. As far as can be determined by examination of the list by people who lived here and knew the folks, the nicknames are authentic.

“Andrew Ah-haw”

“Lead Pencil”

“Hans Jessie”

“Otto By-yingo”

“Red Whiskers”

“Andrew Jessie”

“Bill Buck”

“Dan Wheelmaker”

“Karen Scrook”

“Chris Cellar”

“Ben Andrew Wheelmaker”

“Shingle Pete”

“Little Pete”

“Andrew Wheelmaker”

“Petsy Bishop”

“Ole Miller”

Tade Wheelmaker”

“Joe Mons”

“Oluf Coffeepot”

“Bailer Pete”

“John (Brasspin) Miller”

“Tossy Pete”

“Snipe Mart”

“Hans Miller”

“Tunny Antone”

“Mormon Preacher”

“Perty Pete”

“Jim Knaup”

“Niels Postmaster”

“Joe Shumway’

“Brazillian Blacksmith”

“Cooper Pete”

“Tall Hansen”

“Fred Brazil”

“Long Peter”

“Pete Streep”

“Jake Cob”

“Pete Briggs”

“Ship Olsen” (Steamboat)

“Otterstrom Blacksmith”

“Soren Bose”


“Jim Dist”

“Chris Stagg”

“Louis Napoleon”

“Louis Brusoren”


“Joe Potmaker”

“Andrew Potmaker”

“Mass Weavor”

“Jake Stine”

“Rasmus Clerk”

“Jim Washer”

“Joe Dobemaker”

“Chris Dobemaker”

“Fred Jorg”

“Black Andrew”

“Hanner White”

“Hat Stenie”

“Faun Galma”

“Little Witch”

“Joe Boots”

“Uska Lars”

“Chris Lingo”

“Johnnie Buttermilk”

“John Bolly”

“John Shiner”

“Spool Jim”

“Perty Jim”

“Yens Fiddler”

“Soren Ret”

“Charley Blacksmith”

“Jim Magistrate”

“Bert Fiddlesticks”

“Painter Hansen”

“Yoren Dragoon”

“Faithful Andrew”

“Press Man”

“Soldier Hans”

“Andrew Milbugger”

“Salt Hans”

“Salt Peter”

“Bee Hunter”

“Tusa Peg”

“Willie Nissen”

“Little Chris”

“Chris Butcher”

“Pete Butcher”

“Chris Gold-Digger”

“Shimmie Soren”

“Clayton Long Soren”

“Chris Tule Soren”

“Ors Tule Soren”

“Little Hans”

“Ors Haig”

“Soren Chickenheart”

“Eldon Tunny”

“Niels Kels”


“Little Pete”

“Yens Peter”

“Pete Friday”

“Indian Mary”

“Chris Whitehead”

“Orin Billy”


“Charley Well-diver”

“Pete Ice-Cream”

“Danish Dressmaker”

“Flying Carpenter”

“Pete Pig-killer”

“Alphabet Hansen”

“Black Jim”

“Little Swedish Tailor”

“Andrew Carnegie”

“Doc Quinn”

“Little Niels”

“Lew shooter”

“Smiler Pete”

“Parley Polkadance”

“Egg Woman”

“Willie Bishop”

“Louis Street”

“Ras Pete Street”

“Tunny Antone”

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