Sanpete County Chronology: 1849-1898

From the History of Sanpete and Emery Counties Utah, by W.H. Lever, 1898


  • June 14. Chief Walker applied to President Young for Colonists to settle Sanpete Valley.
  • August 4. Joseph Horn, W. W. Phelps, Ira Willes and D. B. Huntington left Salt Lake City to explore Sanpete.
  • August 20. The exploring party arrived at the present site of Manti, being royally received by the San-pitch Indians.
  • Nov. 20. A company of about fifty families, under the direction of Seth Taft, Isaac Morley and Charles Shumway, located Manti.
  • November 20. Almeda, daughter of Abram and Clarinda Washburn, was bom at Manti, being the first white child born in Sanpete Valley.
  • December 24. Snow began falling and continued until it was over three feet on the level, the deepest ever known in the Valley.


  • January. Chief Tabinan found a white man, naked and almost starved, across the Sanpitch from Manti. He proved to be one of the party sent to Salt Lake City after provisions.
  • May. The Manti colonists were attacked by rattlesnakes. The reptiles were so numerous that 500 were killed in one night.
  • June. Of the 240 head of cattle brought in to Manti only 113 were alive this month, the others having died from cold and hunger.
  • July 1. Chief Walker and band of 700 warriors pitched camp in a semi-circle around the colonists and remained during the year.
  • July 5. President Brigham Young visited the valley and named the settlement Manti and the County Sanpete.
  • September. The first school was opened in Manti by Jesse W. Fox, and later taught by Mrs. Mary Whiting.
  • September. The first grist mill was erected by Pliineas W. Cook, being the property of Brigham Young and Isaac Morley.


  • February 6. Manti was made a city, by act of the legislature.
  • April 18. The first city election was held and Dan Jones elected Mayor, with four aldermen and nine councillors.
  • April 80. President Brigham Young visited Manti and organized a High Council.
  • May. Isaac Behunnin, who had attempted to settle on the site of Ephraim, had to abandon the place through fear of Indians.
  • May. Jesse W. Fox surveyed the site for Manti City.
  • June. John Lowry, Sr., appointed presiding bishop of Sanpete.
  • December. Isaac Morley and Charles Shumway represented Sanpete in the legislature.


  • Feb. 3. A bill passed the legislature creating Sanpete County.
  • Feb. 5. Gov. Brigham Young appointed George Peacock as Probate Judge of Sanpete County.
  • March. Sanpete County was organized, with a full set of officials.
  • March 22. James Allred and families settled Spring City.
  • November. Pedro Leon and a company of Spaniards arrested at Nephi for selling Indians as slaves. They were tried at Manti and ordered to leave.


  • March. A company under M.D. Hamilton located at Mt. Pleasant and built a sawmill.
  • April. A post office was established at Manti, with George Peacock postmaster.
  • July 18. Alex Keel killed at Payson, by Arropine, and the Walker war began.
  • July 19. Guard was fired upon, by Indians, at Hamilton’s mill, east of Mt. Pleasant,
  • July 23. Battle between the Utah county militia, under Capt. P. W. Conower and Indians at Mt. Pleasant. Six Indians were killed and the settlers removed to the fort at Spring City.
  • August 2. Indians attacked Spring City and drove away cattle and horses. The next day the colonists were removed to Manti.
  • October 1. John E. Warner and William Mills killed by Indians, at Manti.
  • October 3. James Xelson, William Luke, William Beid and T. F. Clark, killed by Indians at Uinta Springs, while en route to Salt Lake City.
  • October 5. A census of Sanpete showed the population consisted of 705 people, of whom 118 were the Mt. Pleasant and Spring City Colonists.
  • November 6. Chase’s sawmill was burned by Indians.
  • November 10. Stone fort at Manti was completed and all the residents of Sanpete county took refuge inside the walls.
  • December. A severe winter and little provisions on account of the “grasshopper war,” caused economical handling of supplies, but no real suffering.


  • January G. Allred’s fort and settlement at Spring City was burned by Indians.
  • Feb. 4. Ephraim was settled by B. M Allred and others who had remained in Manti fort during the winter.
  • May. President Brigham Young made a treaty with the Indians.
  • July 5. Grasshoppers attack the fields of Manti and Ephraim, causing much damage to growing crops.
  • October. A fort was completed at Ephraim and settlers built houses inside the enclosure.


  • Jan. 20. Walker, the Indian Chief, died at Meadow Creek, in Millard county.
  • May. Arropine deeded all of Sanpete county to Brigham Young, trustee in trust for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • May 21. A.N. Billings and forty men sent to Elk Mountains to build a fort and educate the Indians.
  • September 23. The Elk Mountain colony at Mormon Fort was attacked by Indians, and James W. Hunt, William Beliunnin and Edward Edwards were killed and A.N. Billings was wounded.
  • September 24. Elk Mountain colonists started on the return trip to Manti.
  • September 30. Elk Mountain settlers reach Manti.
  • December. The colonies of Manti and Ephraim have another hard winter, on account of grasshoppers having destroyed crops.


  • March 17. Convention met in Salt Lake City to form a constitution for a State, Sanpete county being represented.
  • September 26. The first hand cart company, in which were several who became residents of Sanpete county, arrived in Salt Lake City.
  • December. Snow fell to a great depth in the mountains and throughout the valley.


  • May 15. The 47th Quorum of Seventies was organized at Ephraim.
  • May 16. The 48th Quorum of Seventies organized at Manti. Daniel Henrie was appointed president.
  • Sept. 15. Utah was declared under military law, militia ordered to Echo canyon to intercept the troops.
  • December. A general jubilee prevailed throughout Sanpete because of excellent crops having been harvested.
  • December. Bishop John E. Reese and Indian Chief Tabinan discovered the coal ledge at Wales.


  • March. James Miller and George M. Bright were killed by Indians at Salmon River, and the settlement abandoned.
  • June 4. Niels Jorgensen and wife, Jens Turkelsen and Christian E. Kjerluf were killed by Indians, in Salt Creek canyon.
  • July. Residents of Utah county who had removed south on the approach of Johnson’s army returned to their homes.
  • October 5. Samuel Brown and Josiah Call were killed by Indians on Chicken Creek.


  • March. Mt. Pleasant was resettled by James Ivie, W. S. Seely, David Jones, Isaac Allred and others.
  • March 15. Moroni settled by Bishop George W. Bradley, I. Woolf, Isaac Morley, H. Gustin, G. H. Bradley and N. L. Christenson.
  • March. Spring City resettled and called “Little Denmark,” Bishop C. G. Larsen being one of the leading men.
  • March. Gunnison settled by Bishop Jacob Hutchinson and company.
  • March. Bishop John E. Beese, John II. Price, Thomas Campbell, Moses Gifford and others settled at Wales and opened the coal mines.
  • July 14. George W. Bradley ordained bishop of Moroni.
  • July. Fountain Green was located by George W. Johnson.
  • August. George W. Johnson, James S. Holman, Christian Ottosen and others settled at Fountain Green.
  • October. Fair view was settled by James H. Jones, Lindsay A. Brady, Jehu Cox, Isaac Y. Vance and others, who built a fort.


  • April. Ephraim residents left the fort and erected homes on their city lots.
  • May 4. Levi Gifford, a member of the Mormon Battalion, died at Moroni.
  • Aug. 7. James Hanahin, a deserter from the United States army, was killed by an Indian, near Manti.
  • Dec. 4. Chief Arropine died in Sevier county.


  • April 26. Two hundred wagons with four yoke of cattle each, hauling about 15,000 pounds of hour, started for the Missouri river after poor emigrants. Some of the company were residents of Sanpete county.
  • September. Several people were sent from Sanpete and northern counties to settle St. George and the Rio Virgin and Santa Clara river valleys.


  • January 22. A constitution was adopted for the State of Deseret, Sanpete being represented in the convention.
  • May 21. Two hundred and sixty-two wagons, 293 teamsters and 2880 oxen, carrying 143,315 pounds of hour, sent from Utah to assist poor emigrants. Some of Sanpete’s citizens were among those going and coming.
  • November 21. The 66th Quorum of Seventies was organized at 3ft. Pleasant, with Levi B. Reynolds as president.


  • March. The county seat was removed from Manti to Moroni and George W. Bradley appointed Probate Judge. Judge W. F. Maylett purchased the county jail for $350.
  • April 5. Battle in Spanish Fork canyon, between 140 cavalry, under Col. G.S. Evans, and 200 Indians. Lieut. F. A. Teale was killed and Indians defeated.
  • May I8. Three hundred and eighty-four wagons, 488 teamsters, some from Sanpete, and 3604 oxen, started for the Missouri river, taking 225,969 pounds of hour, to aid pooi| emigrants. This company took 4300 pounds of Utah cotton for sale.


  • January. County seat removed to Manti and Hon. W. F. Maylett appointed Probate Judge.
  • March. A party of Ephraim colonists settled at Circleville in Piute county.
  • May. The Perpetual Emigration company sent 170 wagons, 1,717 oxen and 277 men to the Missouri river after emigrants.
  • July 17. Sanpete flour sold in Salt Lake City for $21.25 per 100 pounds.
  • November 10. George Peacock and 30 others from Sanpete county began settlement at Alma, on the Sevier river, which was soon abandoned.


  • Jan. 19. Hon. George Peacock was elected Probate Judge of Sanpete.
  • January. Sevier and Piute counties wore organized, being settled by residents of Sanpete.
  • April 2. Sanpete citizens were solicited for subscriptions to build the Deseret Telegraph line. Several thousand dollars was subscribed in money, poles and labor.
  • April 9. John Lowry had a quarrel with Indian Chief Jake, in Manti, which act the Indians claim brought on the Black Hawk war.
  • April 10. Peter Ludvigsen was killed by a band of Indians, while collecting stock on Twelve-Mile creek.
  • April 11. Elijah B. Ward and James Anderson were killed and scalped by Indians in Salina canyon.
  • April 12. Col. R. N. Allred with 84 men defeated by Indians in a battle in Salina canyon. Jens Sorenson of Ephraim and William Kearnes of Gunnison were killed.
  • May 25. Jens Larsen was killed by Indians, four miles north of Fairview.
  • May 26. John Given, wife and four children were killed by Indians in Thistle Valley.
  • May 20. David H. Jones was killed by Indians, near Fairview.
  • June 24. Isaac Morley died at Fairview.
  • July 7-19. Brigham Young visited Sanpete to investigate the Indian troubles.
  • July 15. Gen. W. S. Snow was put in command of the Sanpete military district and ordered against the Indians.
  • July I8. Gen. W. S. Snow and command engaged the Indians in battle in Grass valley. Twelve Indians were killed and one white man wounded.
  • July 26. Indians attacked Glenwood, killed two horses and wounded one of the settlers.
  • Sept. 21. Gen. W. S. Snow and command defeated the Indians at Fish Lake. Seven Indians were killed and Gen. Snow and two men wounded.
  • October 8. The first issue of the Deseret News semi weekly was published at Salt Lake City.
  • Oct. 17. Indians attacked Ephraim, killing Morten P. Kuhr and wife, Elizabeth Peterson, William Thorpe, Soren N. Jespersen, Benjamin J. Black and William T. Hill.
  • Nov. 6. Indians raided the settlement of Circleville, killing three men.
  • December. Hon. W. F. Maylett served as Probate Judge of Sanpete this year.


  • Jan. 1. The first number of the Juvenile Instructor was issued at Salt Lake City, with George Q. Cannon as editor.
  • Jan. 10. Boundary lines of Sanpete county defined by act of the legislature.
  • Jan. 17. Moroni was incorporated as a city.
  • Feb. 5. Indians raided Washington and Kane counties, killing Doctor Whitmer, a. son of John M. Moody’s, Peter Shirts, and others.
  • March 12. Gen. W. S. Snow arrested nine Indians, including Chiefs Sanpitch and Ankawakets, at Nephi, and placed them in jail at Manti. Four were tried and shot, by order of the chiefs, for complicity in the several raids on white settlers.
  • April 2. Indians raided Salina, killing three persons, wounding one and driving away all the cattle.
  • April 14. Indians imprisoned at Manti broke jail, three were shot by the guard and the others pursued to Nebo and killed.
  • April 18. Chief Sanpitch. was killed by a posse in pursuit, of him for breaking jail, while in hiding north of Moroni.
  • April 21. Salina was abandoned and the settlers look refuge in Sanpete colonies.
  • April 22. Thomas Jones was killed and William Ivory wounded by Indians, while on guard at Fairview.
  • April 25. Indians attacked the settlement of Marysvale, killing Albert Lewis and wounding another man.
  • April 20. Andrew Peterson was killed and Thomas Pavey wounded by Indians, near Fairview.
  • May 1. Residents of small settlements in Sanpete, Piute and Sevier counties were counselled by President Brigham Young to collect in bodies of not less than 150 as a protection against Indian attacks.
  • May 6. Col. Heber P. Kimball and a company of 50 men arrived in Manti to assist the settlers in fighting Indians.
  • May 6. Capt. P. W. Conover and fifty men arrived in Manti and reported to Gen. W. S. Snow for detail against Indians.
  • May 14. Gol. W. B. Pace took charge of the men from Utah county.
  • June 10. Indians attacked Round Valley, killed James Ivie and a boy and drove away the cattle.
  • June 11. Col. W. B. Pace and 25 men intercepted the Indians at Gravelly Ford on the Sevier, and had a three hours’ battle, in which each man tired thirty rounds of ammunition. Several Indians were killed and one white man wounded.
  • June 20. Gen. D. H. Wells took command of the entire forces against the Indians.
  • June 23. James lvie, Jr., killed a friendly Indian in retaliation for the murder of his father.
  • June 24. Indians attacked a portion of Col. Heber P. Kimball’s command, killing Charles Brown and wounding Thomas Snow, in Thistle Valley.
  • June 20. Jonathan Edmiston, of Manti, was killed by Indians in a battle at Spanish Fork.
  • July 1. Circle Valley was abandoned and settlers returned to Ephraim.
  • July 12. Capt. Bigler and 60 men from Davis,county arrived at Mt. Pleasant to relieve the Salt Lake county troops.
  • July 27. Indians made a night raid on the stock of Ephraim and Manti and drove away 150 head. Capt. Bigler pursued them into Castle Valley without recovering the stock or having an engagement.
  • Aug. 15. George Peacock and W. S. Snow were elected members of the legislative assembly from Sanpete county.
  • Dec. 28. Deseret Telegraph line opened to Manti.


  • Jan. 7. John Lowry, Sr., one of the Sanpete pioneers, died at Manti.
  • March 21. Indians raided Glenwood, hilling Jens Peter Peterson and wife and Mary Smith.
  • April 20. Richfield and Glenwood settlements were abandoned, the settlers returning to Sanpete Valley.
  • May 1. Gen. D. H. Wells released Gen. W. S. Snow and placed Gen. W. B. Pace in command of the Sanpete Military District.
  • June 1. Louis Lund was killed and Jasper Robertson wounded by Indians, while herding stock near Fountain Green.
  • June 2. Maj. John W. Vance and Sergt. Heber Houtz were killed by Indians on Twelve Mile creek.
  • July 19. Grasshoppers came in great numbers and destroyed most all the crops in Sanpete.
  • Aug. 13. Indians attacked Spring City, killed James Meeks and Andrew Johansen and wounded William Blain.
  • Sept. 4. John Hay was killed by Indians, while burning lime near Gunnison.
  • Nov. 21. First issue of the Deseret Evening News appeared in Salt Lake City, copies being sent to Sanpete.
  • Dec. 17. Bishop Caleb G. Edwards died at Ephraim.


  • Feb. 14. Ephraim was incorporated as a city, with an area of one and one-half square miles.
  • Feb. 20. Mt. Pleasant was made a city, with an area of thirty square miles.
  • April 6. Indians attacked a company, under Bishop Olsen, on the Sevier river, near Richfield, killed Lars A.
  • Justesen and Charles Wilson and wounded R. Thompson.
  • May. Grasshoppers destroyed much of the grain.
  • June 22. Heber C. Kimball died in Salt Lake City.
  • June 25. Niels Christopherson and Peter Smith of Manti, Peter Nilsen of Fairview and Chris Jensen and Chris Nebeker were drowned at Robinson’s Ferry, on Green Biver.
  • July 5. Seth Child shot and wounded an Indian, who proved to be friendly.
  • July 11. Indians raided Ephraim and drove away most of the cattle.
  • August 19. A treaty was made with the Indians in Strawberry Valley and they ceased hostilities.
  • September 26. Indians attacked Fairview and drove away eighteen horses, killing James Miller and son.
  • Oct. 16. Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution was opened for business in Salt Lake City, and branch houses established at all important places.
  • October. George P. Billings and others from Sanpete Valley were engaged in Weber canyon, building a grade for the Union Pacific railroad.


  • February. Cooperative merchandising was introduced by President Brigham Young, and the benefits explained.
  • March 1. Navajo Indians raided Washington and Kane counties, killing three friendly Piutes and driving away 50 head of stock.
  • March 8. The Deseret University was opened in Salt Lake City.
  • May 10. The Pacific Railway was completed and Brigham Young drove the last spike at Promontory. Several residents of Sanpete county assisted in the work.
  • June 28. The town sites of Spring City, Fairview and Fountain Green were entered in the land office at Salt Lake City, by Probate Judge George Peacock.
  • Aug. 2. George Taylor was elected a member of the legislature from Sanpete.
  • August. Grasshoppers destroyed much of the grain in Cache, Washington and Kane counties, but did no damage in Sanpete.
  • Oct. 31. Indians made a raid on Kanara, Kane county.
  • December. The Mormon emigration from Europe for the year was about 3,000 persons, some coming to Sanpete.


  • Jan. 1. The Weekly Tribune was issued in Salt Lake City and circulated in Sanpete.
  • Jan. 10. Last rail of the Utah Central railroad was laid and last spike driven by Brigham Young. Many residents of Sanpete valley assisted in building this road.
  • February 11. Spring City was incorporated by act of the legislature.
  • February 12. Woman Suffrage bill passed the legislature and was signed by Acting Governor S. A. Mann.
  • May 20. A band of Indians came to Manti and made a treaty with President Orson Hyde.
  • June IS. John Stuart, of Fairview, was convicted of killing an Indian girl and sentenced to be shot July 11th.
  • June 25. John Stuart broke jail and escaped.
  • July. Grasshoppers came so thick as to darken the sun’s rays, and did much damage.
  • Aug. 1. Women voted for the first time. Returns were: W. H. Hooper, for Delegate to Congress, 1650; W. S. Snow, for representative, 1648, and George Peacock, for representative, 1,638 votes.
  • September 15. Gov. J. W. Shaffer issued a proclamation prohibiting drill, muster or gathering l>f t.lie Utah Militia, except by order of the United States Marshal.


  • April 8. Grasshoppers again appeared in the counties north of Sanpete, but few were seen in this county.
  • April 15. The Salt Lake Tribune, daily, was issued.
  • May 1. Ground was broken for the Utah Southern railroad, and several men and teams from Sanpete county went to work on the grade.
  • June 30. Geo. A. Black, acting Governor, issued a proclamation against all persons participating in military drill or muster, under D. H. Wells.


  • February 16. Fairview was incorporated as a city, with an area of twenty square miles.
  • February 19. A constitutional convention met in Salt Lake City and framed a State Constitution.
  • March 18. The vote for and against a State constitution stood 25,324 for and 368 against the adoption.
  • June 1. The Woman’s Exponent, was first published in Salt Lake City.
  • June 16. Niels Heizelt was killed by radians at Twelve Mile creek.
  • September 7. Gen. Morrow and command entered Mt Pleasant to force the Indians on their reservation, a treaty was made and the Indians returned to their reservation, the troops going to Douglas.


  • May. Mayfield was settled by Simon Hansen, Mads P. Sorenson, Ole C. Olsen and others.
  • December. The Utah Posten, the first Danish paper published in Utah, was issued.


  • Mar 2. The Fairview Coal Mining and Coke company was incorporated.
  • July 24. Anniversary of the entrance of pioneers into Salt Lake Valley was celebrated in the capital, over 4,000 singers participating in the new tabernacle.
  • August. At the general election Hon. George Q. Cannon received 2460 votes and Hon. R. N. Baskin 3, for Delegate to Congress, in Sanpete county.


  • January 22. Indians were first married according to the ordinances of the Mormon church.
  • March 3. Rev. D. J. McMillan preached the first Gentile sermon in Sanpete, at Mt. Pleasant.
  • March 29. The entire tribe of Shebit Indians, numbering 147, was baptized into the Mormon church, at St. George.
  • April 20. The first mission school under the Presbyterian Board of Missions was opened at Mt. Pleasant, by J. S. McMillan.
  • April. About twenty families from Ephraim removed to Mayfield.
  • August 5. Joseph A. Young died at Manti.
  • September 1. George A. Smith died in Salt Lake City.
  • December 14. A bill was presented in the House of Representatives to enable the people of Utah to form a State government, and for the admission of Utah into the Union.


  • July 24. Levi Larsen was killed at Ephraim.
  • September 20. John D. Lee was convicted of murder in the first degree for connection with the Mountain Meadow massacre.
  • October 10. Judge Jacob Boreman sentenced John D. Lee to be shot on Friday, January 26, 1877.
  • November. At the general election held this year, Hon. George Q. Cannon received 1,921 and Hon. R. N. Baskin 40 votes, in Sanpete county, for Delegate to Congress.


  • March 23. John D. Lee was executed at Mountain Meadow.
  • April 20. Ground was broken for the Manti temple.
  • April 24. The site for the Manti temple was dedicated.
  • July 4. Sanpete Stake was organized, with Canute Peterson president, Henry Beal and John B. Maiben counsellors.
  • July 10. Mayfield was organized as a ward, with Ole C. Olsen bishop.
  • August 29. President Brigham Young died at his residence in Salt Lake City.
  • September. Joseph S. McMillan and wife opened a Presbyterian mission school in Manti.
  • October. Miss M. Fishback of Illinois took charge of a Presbyterian mission school opened in Ephraim by J. S. McMillan.


  • June 22. Eleven persons were drowned in Funk’s Lake.
  • November 15. Hon. James A. Allred was appointed Probate Judge of Sanpete county.
  • November 16. Orson Hyde died at Spring City.
  • November. Hon. George Q. Cannon was the only candidate for Delegate to Congress, and received 1,292 votes in Sanpete county.


  • April 14. Cornerstones of the Manti temple were laid, John Taylor laying the southeast, Edward Hunter the southwest, F. W. Cox the northwest, and H. S. Eldredge the northeast.
  • April 24. The first Utah wheat, including some from Sanpete, was shipped to Liverpool, from San Francisco, by S. W. Sears.
  • May 30. Jezreel Shomaker, one of the Sanpete pioneers, died at his home in Manti.
  • June 2. Frederick W. Cox died at Manti.
  • October 4. The first number of Ihe Contributor was issued at Salt Lake City.


  • March 4. The Salt Lake Weekly Herald was published and circulated in Sanpete.
  • June 23. The Utah Southern railroad was completed to Frisco, and the Sanpete Valley projected from Nephi to Wales.
  • July 20. The U.S. Census report showed Utah had a population of 143,690, an increase of 56,904 since 1870.
  • December 6. George H. Luke and Chris Madsen of Manti were killed while working on the Denver and Rio Grande railroad in Colorado.
  • December. At the general election this year Hon. George Q. Cannon received 1,673 and Hon. Allen G. Campbell 43 votes, in Sanpete county, for Delegate to Congress.


  • January 23. Freeborn De Mill died at. Manti.
  • May 13. O. W. C. Moenster died at Sterling.
  • October 3. Orson Pratt died at his residence in Salt Lake City.
  • November. Manti Presbyterian Church was erected this season, at a cost of $4000. Miss Mary Crowell opened a Presbyterian mission school at Gunnison.


  • February 16. The Edmunds-Tucker bill passed the United States Senate.
  • April 10. A constitutional convention met in Salt Lake City and framed a State constitution.
  • August I8. The Utah Commission arrived in Utah and prepared for the election.
  • November 7. A general election was held and Hon. John T. Caine received 1,671 and P. T. Yan Zile 123 votes in Sanpete, for Delegate to Congress.
  • November 7. Hon. William Anderson was elected Probate Judge of Sanpete county.


  • April 1. The Rio Grande Western railroad was completed through Utah to Salt Lake City.
  • June 10. Five young persons, some having relatives in Sanpete, were drowned in Utah lake, near Benjamin.
  • October 16. Bishop Edward Hunter died in Salt Lake City.
  • November. Rev. P. A. H. Franklin began missionary work under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal church, at Mt. Pleasant.


  • January 28. The Brigham Young Academy at Provo was burned.
  • August. Sanpete was represented in the Territorial Council by Hon. L. T. Tuttle and in the House by R. R. Lewellyn and A. B. Thurber.
  • September. Hon. Jacob Johnson was United States Commissioner for Sanpete county.
  • November 3. Hans Ottoson was murdered in Manti.
  • Sanpete had this year I8 miles of railroad in the Sanpete Valley, valued at $33,478. The county population was 13,867. At the general election Hon. John T. Caine received 1655 and Hon. Hansford Smith 48 votes for Delegate to Congress.


  • February 28. James S. Parsons of Manti was killed by a horse falling on him.
  • April 24. The Home Sentinel was first issued in Manti, by James T. Jakeman.
  • September 1. Diphtheria caused a complete quarantine of Gunnison.
  • October 13. Soren Christensen of Moroni was killed, while hunting in the mountains.
  • November 29. U. S. Deputy Marshals made a raid on Manti in quest of men practicing polygamy.


  • February 27. Big Hill Reservoir Company incorporated at Spring City.
  • July 30. Rock work on Manti temple completed.
  • October. The Methodist church in Mt. Pleasant was erected, and a chapel built in Moroni and Ephraim this year.
  • November. At the general election Hon. John T. Caine received 1,665 and Hon. W. M. Ferry 122 votes in Sanpete, for Delegate to Congress.


  • March 10. The Moroni Irrigation Company was incorporated.
  • May 23. C. C. N. Dorius was arrested at Ephraim for violation of the Edmunds-Tucker law concerning plural wives.
  • May 24. Manti temple was searched by U. S. Marshals looking for polygamists.
  • June 8. Spring City was raided by United States officers, seeking offenders of the Edmunds law.
  • June 22. Manti was entered by U. S. Marshals and John Buchanan and Richard Hall, Sr., arrested for violation of the Edmunds law.
  • June 28. Hon. Aaron Hardy, of Moroni, was arrested for violating the law concerning plural marriage.
  • July 15. John S. Jones of Manti was murdered at Boco, Colorado.
  • July 22. Bishop W. T. Reid of Manti was arrested for polygamy.
  • August 13. President Canute Peterson of Ephraim was arrested for violating the Edmunds law.
  • August 20. President Canute Peterson was discharged on promising to obey the law.
  • September 14. Hon. Aaron Hardy was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.
  • October 25. Henry Beal, Peter N. Peterson and Peter C. Hansen were sentenced to imprisonment.
  • November 3. Hans C. Hansen of Gunnison was sentenced for violating the Edmunds law.
  • December. The Edmunds-Tucker act of this year disfranchised the women and created the right of dower.


  • April 15. Chester Draper was accidentally shot and killed by Percy Candland, at Chester.
  • April 25. Shocks of Earthquake were felt at Ephraim.
  • May 21. The Manti temple was dedicated.
  • June 22. The Gunnison Irrigation company was incorporated.
  • July 8. O. S. Cox, one of the pioneers of Sanpete, died at Manti.
  • October 27. Richard Henningsen of Manti was killed in a mine at Tintic.
  • November 30. D. B. Funk died at Funk’s Lake.
  • December. Hon. Jacob Johnson was appointed this year as Probate Judge of Sanpete, in compliance with the Edmunds law.
  • December. At the general election this year lion. John T. Caine, People’s Party candidate, received 914 votes, Hon.. R. N. Baskin, Liberal candidate, 128 votes, and Hon. S. R. Thurman, known as the “Sagebrush Democracy” candidate, 49 votes, in Sanpete for Delegate to Congress.


  • February 18. The Oak Creek irrigation company was incorporated, at Fairview.
  • March 11. The Birch Creek Irrigation Company, at Fairview, was incorporated.
  • March 11. The West Point Irrigation Company, at Wales, was incorporated.
  • April 1. The North Six-Mile Creek Irrigation Company was incorporated at Sterling.
  • April 10. The Manti Irrigation Company was incorporated.
  • April 15. The Wales Irrigation Company was incorporated.
  • May 25. John O. Nielsen was killed by a rock falling on his head, while digging a well at Mt. Pleasant.
  • August 16. Floods in Manti and the southern part of Sanpete caused much damage, and a boy was killed at Mayfield.
  • September 25. Erick Ericksen was killed while threshing at Mt. Pleasant.
  • November 22. The Phoenix mill at Fountain Green was burned.
  • November 28. Parlane McFarlane shot and killed H. G. Hansen and W. H. Golding at Manti.


  • February 25. The Gooseberry and Cottonwood Irrigation company, at Fairview, was incorporated.
  • April 8. John Gribble was killed by the falling of a bank in the hills west of Manti.
  • May 3. The Meadow Irrigation Company, at Fairview, was incorporated.
  • May 19. A Woman’s Suffrage convention was held in Manti.
  • May 27. The Gunnison Reservoir broke, causing considerable damage.
  • May 29. John Cloward of Moroni was killed by his horse falling over a ledge in the mountains.
  • June 21. The Milburn Irrigation Company was incorporated.
  • June. The County Register was first published in Ephraim by James T. Jakeman.
  • July 13. A flood in Manti destroyed considerable property.
  • July 19. A general flood of water throughout southern Sanpete damaged the crops to an estimated value of $25,000.
  • September 1. A Scandinavian reunion was held in Ephraim.
  • October 1. Peter Lquritzen of Moroni was killed by a bull.
  • November 6. J. W. Hogan’s sawmill in Manti canyon was burned, causing him a loss of $8,000.
  • November. The Pyramid was published in ML Pleasant by A. B. Williams.
  • Dec. 29. A grand celebration was held in Manti, on the completion of the Rio Grande Western railroad to that city.
  • December. At the general election Hon. John T. Caine received 1,216 and Hon. C. O. Goodwin 174 votes in Sanpete for Delegate to Congress.
  • December. The United States Census report showed the population of Sanpete county to be 13,146.


  • April 16. The Chester Sanpitch Canal Company was incorporated.
  • April 18. The Twin Creek Irrigation Company was incorporated at Mt. Pleasant.
  • April 18. The Pleasant Creek Irrigation Company was incorporated at Mt. Pleasant.
  • May. The Rio Grande Western railroad was extended south into Sevier county.
  • October. The Wasatch Academy at Mt. Pleasant was completed and occupied.


  • March 9. The Mayfield Irrigation Company was incorporated.
  • May 10. The Deseret Irrigation Company was incorporated at Wales.
  • November. At the general election Hon. J. L. Rawlins received 977 votes, Hon. Frank J. Cannon 966 votes and Hon. C. E. Allen 59 votes for Delegate to Congress.


  • June 20. The Moroni and Mt. Pleasant Irrigation and Ditch Company was incorporated at Moroni.
  • June 28. The Coal Fork Irrigating Company at Mt. Pleasant was incorporated.
  • October 13. The Messenger was first published at Manti, with Joel Shomaker editor.
  • October 26. President Grover Cleveland signed a bill restoring the escheated Mormon church property.
  • November 7. Hon. Jacob Johnson was elected a member of the Utah legislature and Hon. C. N. Lund member of the council for Sanpete.
  • November. Gunnison was made a town under the direction of the county court.
  • November 29. The first train over the Sanpete Valley railroad was run to Manti and a great celebration held by the citizens!
  • December. Hon. W. K. Reid was appointed Probate Judge of Sanpete this year.
  • December. The Manti Printing and Publishing Company was incorporated.
  • December. Free soup houses were established in Salt Lake City.


  • Jan. 1. The new school building in Manti was dedicated.
  • March 24. The Spring City Irrigation Company was incorporated.
  • April 13. The California delegation of Coxey’s army, numbering 1,200, reach Utah.
  • April 20. H. E. Carter organized a company of the Industrial Army in Salt Lake City.
  • April 20. A company of the National Guard of Utah was organized at Mt. Pleasant.
  • May 28. The Sanpete Valley Railway Company amended its charter to include extension south through Cedar City.
  • May 12. The Industrial Army stole a train from the Union Pacific at Lehi.
  • June 4. Henry Olsen was drowned in a reservoir at Mt. Pleasant.
  • July 10. The bill admitting Utah as a State passed the Senate with but two dissenting votes.
  • July 14. A heavy flood did much damage at Fountain Green.
  • July 16. The Statehood bill was signed by Grover Cleveland.
  • August 20. The Utah pioneers, including several from Sanpete county, Hons. George P. Billings, Daniel Henrie and Horace Thornton being in the list, were entertained by the Saltair Peach company.
  • September 15. Joel Shoemaker represented Sanpete county in the National Irrigation Congress at Denver, Colorado.
  • September 26. James Burns, Sheriff of Sanpete was shot and killed by Moen KolTord and Peter Meikle.
  • November 7. The Sanpete Valley railroad was completed and first train run to Morrison.
  • November 9. The Cottonwood Canal and Tunnel Company was incorporated at Ephraim.
  • November. At the general election Hon. Frank J. Cannon received 1,420 votes, Hon. J. L. Rawlins 1,370 votes and Hon. H. L. Gant 5 votes for Congressman.
  • November 26. W. T. Reid, Henry Beal and Swen O. Nielson represented Sanpete in the Trans-Mississippi Congress at St. Louis.
  • November. The Hons. J. D. Page of Mt. Pleasant, C. P. Larsen of Manti, A. C. Lund of Ephraim, Lauritz Larsen of Spring City, James C. Peterson of Fairview Joseph Jolley of Moroni and Parley Christiansen of Mayfield were elected members of the Constitutional Convention for Sanpete.
  • December. Much excitement was caused over alleged election frauds in Sanpete comity.
  • December. Hon. Joseph Judd was appointed Probate Judge of Sanpete this year.
  • December. The report of the Statistician for this year showed the population of Sanpete was 15,538. There were 1,540 farms, 60,010 acres improved and 40,970 acres unimproved land. The county had 414,331 sheep, 4638 cows, 11,260 range cattle, 5863 horses and 4,238 swine. The farm products were: Wheat, 353,257 bushels; corn, 1,726 bushels; oats, 135,077 bushels; barley, 16,091 bushels; rye, 4,170 bushels; potatoes, 76,472 bushels; alfalfa, 27,985 tons; hay, 11,646 tons; butter, 212,532 pounds; cheese, 8,180 pounds; honey, 61,220 pounds. There were 422 acres planted to fruit trees, 90 industrial concerns, 88 stores, 2 railroads and 5 coal mines.


  • January 1. Albert Tuttle of Manti was accidentally killed by falling on the pavement.
  • June 17. The West View Irrigation Company was incorporated at Gunnison.
  • September. P. O. Hansen, the veteran Scandinavian missionary, died in Manti.
  • September 3. Joel Shornaker was appointed by Gov. Caleb W. West as a delegate from Sanpete to the National Irrigation Congress at Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Nov. 5. At the general election Hon. C. E. Allen received 1,529 votes, Hon. B. H. Roberts 1,420 votes and Hon. James Hoggan 16 votes in Sanpete county for Congressman. Hon. Jacob Johnson was elected Judge of the Seventh Judicial district and Hons. W. D. Candland, Peter Thompson and John Lowry members of the first State Legislative Assembly.
  • November. The vote on the State constitution in Sanpete was 2,644 for and 295 against its adoption. The vote of Utah was 31,305 for and 7,687 against the constitution. Woman suffrage was incorporated in the constitution.
  • December. Hon. Jacob Johnson was appointed this year by President Benjamin Harrison Probate Judge for Sanpete county.


  • January 4. Grover Cleveland, President of the United States, issued a proclamation admitting Utah into the union of States.
  • February 18. The Gunnison City and Antelope Valley Canal Company was incorporated.
  • February 25. The Robbins and Kearnes Dam and Canal Company was incorporated at Gunnison.
  • March 4. The Mammoth Reservoir Company was incorporated at Manti.
  • March 12. The Fayette Canal Company was incorporated.
  • March 14. The Gunnison Highland Canal Company was incorporated.
  • November 5. At the general election Hon. J. F. Allred was elected State Senator and Hons. Aaron Hardy and N. C. Sorenson members of the Legislature for Sanpete County.
  • December 2. George P. Billings, ex-Sheriff and a pioneer of Sanpete, died at his home in Manti.
  • December The first vote of the State for President of the United States stood: For W. J. Bryan, 50,987 majority over William McKinley. The entire vote being 77,877. Sanpete County stood: W. J. Bryan, 3,286, and William McKinley, 1,821.


  • April 17. The Willow Creek Irrigation Company was incorporated at Axtell.
  • December 22. The Sand Ridge Reservoir and Canal Company was incorporated at Ephraim.


  • June The Sanpete Democrat was first issued in Manti, with L. A. Lanber publisher.
  • July 25. A disastrous fire in Mt. Pleasant caused a loss of $10,000 and several business houses.
  • September 2. President Wilford Woodruff died in California.
  • October The History of Sanpete was published by W. H. Lever.
  • October The war with Spain was had this year and several men volunteered from Sanpete County. W. J. Stacey, Captain of Company “F,” Utah National Guard of Manti, was appointed Second Lieutenant in Battery C, Utah Light Artillery.

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