A Tithing Ranch

This article originally appeared in Vol.60 No.1 of Pioneer Magazine

Whether we have much or little, one-tenth should be paid in…the people are not compelled to pay their tithing…it is urged upon them only as a matter of duty between them and their God. – President Brigham Young, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1847-1877

Mormon pioneers in the 1870s often paid their tithes with livestock, crops or labor—not cash. The Southern Utah Tithing Office accepted many steers and heifers as tithes, sending the stock here to Pipe Spring. This ranch was managed by the tithing office for the Mormon church.

The Winsor, Pulsipher and Woolley families—among others—worked this church ranch for 25 years. Pipe Spring was not privately owned until the Mormon Church sold the property in 1895.

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