Pioneers: A Poem by V. Vee Reynolds

This poem originally appeared in the July/Aug 1990 issue of Pioneer Magazine


Many are the people who have bathed their face with tears,

But among those I remember most are our beloved Pioneers.

To count their sacrifices, leaving friends and relatives behind,

Even to the sorrow of being disowned by their own kind.

The memory of what they accomplished, and what they went through

Brings tears to each and every eye, and to mine too.

The persecution that they suffered at the hands of the mob

Makes me wonder how they could not lose their faith in God.

Some of them were beaten, and some were tarred and feathered

But even through all these trials which they had weathered,

They still managed to call on God, and to praise and sing

Of their unending love and devotion to their Savior, God and King.

Many walked across the plains, a thousand miles and more.

Their courage never faltered, no one bothered to keep score

Of how they helped each other in any way they possibly could

To reach the Valleys of the Mountains, where they would do much good.

How I admire their devotion to the task which was at hand

Guided by divine inspiration to this, their Promised Land.

Though many died along the way and never reached their destination,

The faith of those who made it formed the nucleus of our great nation.

Stop and ponder for a moment, where would you be today?

If our pioneer ancestors had decided then to say:

“The trip will be far too long for me to undertake,

I can live where I am at, and it will not be a mistake.”

I,  for one, am heartened by their most accurate decision

To listen to the still small voice and to fulfill their mission.

I am grateful to my ancestors, who listened to the word,

Never voicing opposition, always pushing their way onward.

They have my true devotion, my thanks and all my praise.

To the God of Heaven above, my voice and hand I raise.

How proud I am that I am able to be a Son of Utah Pioneers.

I thank each and every one of them, and to them give my cheers.

by: V. Vee Reynolds

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