Pioneer Day Message from Temple Square

The following article originally appeared in the Jan/Feb 1980 issue of Pioneer Magazine.

By Elder Hugh W. Pinnock Member First Quorum of Seventy

Editor’s note: This impressive service is sponsored annually by the Pioneer Chapter, SUP. The current president and emcee was Dr. W.  Dean Belnap. Jerry C. Higginson is the president-elect and Robert M. Simonsen served as program chairman. Other features besides Elder Pinnock’s address included the Jay Welch Chorale and the Salt Lake Repertory Orchestra with Jay Welch the conductor, Melvin Dunn the accompanist and Rex Campbell the narrator. The Mormon Battalion conducted the flag ceremony and pledge of allegiance under the command of Col. Elmer B. Jones.

“We face some problems today as frightening and destructive as anything those early settlers knew – what are these modern day dangers?

We can lose this freedom that has been paid for so dearly if we are not careful. On the wall of my office hangs a picture of a statue. The statue bears an eagle astride a granite base. The engraving on that base states: “Freedom is everybody’s job.” The great American illustrator, J. C. Legendecker painted it presumably during the second World War and its message applies to both our Pioneer forefathers and to us today. The retention of freedom is actually everyone’s responsibility. If this is truly “THE PLACE” then freedom of expression, freedom of legitimate choice and our other freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be retained. How??

May we have the maturity to appreciate the blessings of today and the desire to retain these blessings forever.

“The tragedy of life, it has been said, is not that it ends too soon, but that we wait too long to begin it. The greatest teacher in all mankind said, “Take therefore, no thought for the morrow.” He didn’t mean not to plan for the future, but to live today fully and freely – we are free when we live life to its fullness.

“The Pioneers we pay tribute to this day gave all they had for freedom. “And we are who we are today because of their desire to be free.”

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