Philo Dibble lived in the state of Illinois.  There he was shot and wounded by the anti-Mormon mob.  While he was bleeding to death, in fact almost gone, the was sent for.  He and the prophet were very close friends.  The prophet laid his hands upon his head and blessed him to live and said he would go to the Rocky Mountains and be a useful instrument in carrying on the work of the Lord there, and would live to be of old age.  He also promised him that not a hair of his head should ever change its color.

LeGrand saw and heard him when he was called to the stand in Springville, Utah, to bear his testimony, and he told of the blessing and promise of the prophet Joseph to him.  He had a long beard which hung clear to his waist and it was as white as the driven snow, but his hair was as black as it was the day the prophet laid hands on his head.

Brother Dibble traveled through the state with a moving picture show showing the persecutions of the saints in Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri.  It also included the Hawn’s Mill Massacre, the of the prophet, and such pictures pertaining to the early and trials of the church.

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