October 7, 2020 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

The weekly newsletter began seven months ago as a way to keep SUP members engaged during the COVID lockdowns.  It has been a great way to keep in frequent touch with our members.  With the lifting of some restrictions chapters are beginning to safely meet, go on treks and have board meetings.  This will be the last issue of the weekly newsletter as it has served its purpose and run its course.  Please be wise and practice COVID safety as you meet and associate with members of your chapter and the SUP.

This week’s pioneer story written by Alan Turner is the story of a true artisan, William Burt.  As you read this pioneer story think about the skilled labor that had arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas.  In this case a master from the old country arrived with the skills and talents to work on the Manti Temple.  I have a friend who works in construction and has worked on several Temples.  He told me that the detail in the Temples is unprecedented.  If anything is off it is removed and replaced, often several times until it is perfect.  That is with today’s modern tools and materials.  Think back 150 years ago with limited materials and tools.  Those who worked on the early Temples were true craftsmen and artisans.  The detail that exists in the pioneer era Temples is amazing.  The wood work, stone work, plaster work, art work, painting, metal and work, just to name a few make me appreciate what they did with what they had.

I do quite a bit of wood working and use everything modern thing that I can.  I wish I had the skills to do the detailed craftsmanship that the early pioneer craftsmen were able to complete.  As I think about how so many needed and qualified craftsmen arrived in the mountain west I am amazed.  Truly the Lord led missionaries to those who had the needed skills and softened their hearts so they would accept the restored gospel and join the saints in the west.  They arrived from all areas of the earth. The work they did on the Temples had to be perfect, just as the work on modern Temples today is perfect.

Take time this fall while the weather is still good to make a and see some of the work these pioneers accomplished.  It can be found in museums, art galleries and many other places.  Take a picture and share what you find with your family.

Have a great week and be PIONEER STRONG

– Brad

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