This poem originally appeared in Vol.1 No.6-7 (1936-37) of Pioneer Magazine

By: I. Brigham Clegg

O years gone by, what joys for me you. hold, 

In dreams of love, which memories dear unfold; 

I live the past, no matter where I roam, 

Give me my dreams, of peace, of friends, and home. 

Wake memories old, though tears may start or flow, 

For those who loved and left me, long ago; 

Let fancy call them from their distant shore,

That we may live again glad days of yore. 

Turn back the years to childhood s hours free.

When mother kissed and held me on her knee; 

Let me behold the love-light in her eyes,

And fall to sleep, soothed by her lullabyes. 

One dream restore, of youth’s awakening love.

Then, sweetheart mine, neath moon-lit skies above, 

While soul meets soul, as in that long ago, 

Well walk down scented paths where roses grow. 

Thrill me again with music that I heard. 

Sweeter by far than notes of flute or bird, 

When happy children mine, laughed hours away, 

And banished from my heart the cares of day.

O empty arms! In dreams I hold tonight,

A grandchild fair, and doze near embers bright,

Where precious toys lie scattered on the floor,

While parents smile on one our hearts adore.

Better than pleasures cheap that gold may buy,

These pictures are that deep in memory lie;

Oft they return and bring their needed cheer, 

In ne’er forgotten joys of yester-year.

How sad the years were memories stored in vain, 

Which form the links of love’s eternal chain. 

Life’s greatest wealth is found in treasures few;

Long may I keep, my memories fond, and you. 

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