Meet W. Laird Dummer: 2024 National President-Elect Candidate

As a President-Elect candidate, I fully the recent National officers’ focus on sound initiatives to help the organization grow in membership and strengthen our ongoing programs. These initiatives include, among others, new advertising opportunities with Roots Tech, LDS Living Magazine, and targeted YouTube videos. Additionally, I support the continued development of our library to the status of a fully qualified Family History Center, and a successful partnership with This is the Place Heritage Park in selling our award-winning Pioneer Magazine.

I believe the most important initiatives are:

  • First, attract younger members. This may require expanding some current programs in a slightly different direction. For example, expanding our Trek programs to include the importance of stewardship as practiced by our early . Many of our younger trekkers, pioneers of today, are striving and advocating for the preservation of our endangered natural resources.
  • Second, develop and implement a plan to open new chapters. This can be accomplished with a coordinated plan using selected chapter presidents, AVP’s and executive officers. I would like to see studies developed for both initiatives as we are doing with the advertising, to help us get it right.
  • Third, strengthen our core values. This can be done by encouraging all members to share their ancestors’ with fellow members as well as with their and grandchildren. In many ways, our ancestors have helped us become what we are today and will help us become what we hope to be at the end of our earthly trail.
  • Fourth, help to not just survive, but thrive. As the President-Elect I will do just that!

As a footnote, when I discussed the challenge of campaigning for an elected position with some of my grandchildren, they encouraged me to use the “obvious” slogan. In asking what that slogan is, they simply said:


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