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John and Eliza Victoria Telford McCarthy family

John McCarthy, was one of only two Mormons who were part of the ten-man crew who rowed to after the wreck of the ship Julia Ann. The other was Charles Logie. The fact that the ship’s Captain Pond referred to an “Elder,”—McCarthy had just been serving as a missionary in Australia before departure, and Logie, though a Church member, was actually already part of the regular crew, but was not then called an elder—it is probable that McCarthy had the dream or vision. In light of the winds complying on this life or death voyage, it is of interest that McCarthy was told in his patriarchal blessing under the hands of Isaac Morley, October 26, 1856: “The winds and waves will be obedient through Thy prayers of faith.”
(See “Copy of Patriarchal Blessing give to John McCarthy,” in “History of John McCarthy.”) .. .

McCarthy went with two of the crew to the island of Maupiti, “where they met King Tapoa and obtained two small schooners, with which to return to the Island of Scilly and rescue their marooned companions. They found they were just 12 hours late in making the rescue, as Captain Pond, in the meantime had been successful in chartering a vessel, the ‘Emma Packer,’ at Huahine.” However, McCarthy made the best of the situation and returned to Maupiti, where he preached to King Tapoa, baptized the King’s interpreter, Captain Delano, and found good favor among the natives. After a three-week period he then went to the island of Raiatea, where he stayed for two weeks and also performed baptisms, as well as ordaining a man named Shaw to the office of elder. (See “History of John McCarthy.”)

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